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1. loco(a) (person)
  • to be crazy estar loco(a)
  • to go crazy volverse loco(a)
  • to drive somebody crazy volver loco(a) a alguien
  • she's crazy about motorbikes las motos la vuelven loca
  • to be crazy about somebody estar loco(a) por alguien
  • like crazy como un loco (to run, work)
  • crazy paving pavimento (m) de formas irregulares (on path) (británico)
crazy [ˈkreɪzɪ]
crazier (comparative)craziest (superlative)
1 (mad) loco; chiflado (informal)
you were crazy to do it fue una locura hacerlo; you would be crazy to do that tendrías que estar loco para hacer eso; it would be crazy for him to give up his job sería una locura que dejase el trabajo
to drive sb crazy (drive mad) volver loco a algn; (infuriate) sacar de quicio a algn
it's enough to drive you crazy es para volverse loco
to go crazy (mad) volverse loco; (excited) ponerse como loco; (angry) ponerse como un energúmeno
it was a crazy idea fue una locura or un disparate; era una idea descabellada or disparatada
everyone shouted like crazy todos gritaban como locos
they were selling like crazy se estaban vendiendo como rosquillas or como pan caliente (informal)
it sounds crazy parece una locura
crazy talk disparates (m); tonterías (f)
I've done some crazy things in my time he hecho algunas locuras en mi vida
crazy with grief/anxiety loco de pena/preocupación
it's a crazy world el mundo está loco; es un mundo de locos
Adam looked on in amazement. "Have you gone crazy?" the village thought we had gone crazy... the fans were going crazy he went crazy when he found out how much I'd paid for it We've been working like crazy it would be crazy [for] us to legalize drugs
2 (keen)
he's football crazy es un fanático del fútbol
to be crazy about sb estar loco por algn
they're crazy about football el fútbol les vuelve locos; I'm not crazy about it no es que me vuelva loco; no me entusiasma
I used to see two, three films a day; I was crazy about movies If your child is crazy about dinosaurs, he'll love this jolly activity pack They're crazy about dogs. And they're crazy about gardening he's crazy about her
to lean at a crazy angle inclinarse de modo peligroso
the tower leant at a crazy angle
(US) locoaloca (m) (f);a loca
crazy bone (n) (US) hueso (m) del codo
crazy house (n) (US) casa (f) de locos (informal); manicomio (m)
crazy paving (n) pavimento (m) de baldosas irregulares
crazy quilt (n) (US) edredón (m) de retazos
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