transitive verb
1. (to desire) 
a. ansiar 
Surely you must crave some company after being single for so long.Seguro que ansías compañía tras tanto tiempo soltero.
I am currently taking a medication to prevent me from craving cigarettes.Me estoy medicando para evitar tener ansias de fumar.
c. tener antojo de (food) 
Being away from home is making me crave my mother's cooking even more.Estar fuera de casa me hace tener aun más antojo de la cocina de mi madre.
2. (to ask for) 
a. implorar 
May I crave your pardon? I hadn't realized that you were a king.Imploro su perdón. No me había dado cuenta de que era rey.
intransitive verb
3. (to desire) 
a. anhelar (literary) 
When he discovered who killed his father, he craved for revenge.Cuando descubrió quién mató a su padre, anheló venganza.
b. ansiar 
The artist desperately craved for the ability to express himself through his work.El artista ansiaba desesperadamente poder expresarse a través de su trabajo.
transitive verb
1. (affection, a cigarette) 
a. ansiar 
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to be craving foransiar
crave [kreɪv]
transitive verb
1 (also crave for) [+food] tener antojo de; [+affection, attention] reclamar
2 (beg) [+pardon] suplicar; [+permission] implorar; rogar
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I crave you
te anhelo
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