Craft in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. oficio (m) (trade); arte (m) (skill)
2. maña (f) astucia (f) (cunning)
1. embarcación (f) (boat)
craft [krɑːft]
1 (trade) oficio (m)
2 (no pl) (skill) destreza (f); habilidad (f)
3 (handicraft) artesanía (f)
arts and crafts artesanías (f)
4 (cunning) astucia (f); maña (f)
5 (boat) (pl inv) barco (m); embarcación (f)
transitive verb
hacer (a mano)
crafted products productos (m) de artesanía
craft fair (n) feria (f) de artesanía
Find out if any jumble sales or craft fairs are being held at the school in the near future
craft union (n) sindicato (m) de obreros especializados
craft work (n) artesanía (f)
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