1. (in glass, porcelain) 
a. la raja (F) 
2. (in wood, wall, ground, ice) 
a. la grieta (F) 
the door was open a crackla puerta estaba entreabierta
3. (fig) 
cracks have started to appear in his alibisu coartada está empezando a hacer agua
to get up at the crack of dawnlevantarse al amanecer
4. (sound) 
a. el chasquido (M) 
5. (fig) 
she wasn't given a fair crack of the whipno tuvo su oportunidad
6. (fig) 
to have a crack at somethingintentar algo
7. (blow) 
a crack on the headun porrazo en la cabeza
8. (colloquial) 
a. el chiste (M) (joke, insult) 
9. (drug) 
a. el crack (M) 
10. (colloquial) 
a. de primera 
crack troopstropas de élite
transitive verb
11. (fracture; cup, glass) 
a. rajar 
12. (skin, wood, ground, wall) 
a. agrietar 
13. (make sound with; whip) 
a. chasquear 
14. (colloquial) 
to crack somebody over the headdar a alguien un porrazo en la cabeza
he cracked his head against the wallse dio con la cabeza contra la pared
15. (solve; problem) 
a. resolver 
16. (code) 
a. descifrar 
17. (break open; safe) 
a. forzar 
18. (nut, egg) 
a. cascar 
to crack a jokesoltar un chiste
intransitive verb
19. (cup, glass) 
a. rajarse 
20. (skin, wood, ground, wall) 
a. agrietarse 
21. (voice; with emotion) 
a. fallar 
22. (person; under pressure) 
a. venirse abajo, derrumbarse 
his nerve crackedperdió los nervios
23. (make sound) 
a. crujir 
24. (whip) 
a. chasquear 
25. (fam fig) 
get cracking!¡manos a la obra!
crack [kræk]
1 (fracture) (in plate, glass) raja (f); (in wall, ceiling, ice) grieta (f); (in skin) grieta (f); (in system, relationship) grieta (f)
the first cracks in their marriage appeared in 1969 the plate had a crack in it there were hairline cracks in the windscreen old buildings develop cracks in the walls and ceilings there are a few cracks in that argument the first cracks in the system appeared in 1953 she'd spent so much time with her hands in soapy water /the skin on her fingers was full of cracks/ some hand cream would be good for those cracks on your hands
to paper over the cracks disimular las grietas
despite efforts to paper over the cracks, there is a clear split between Mr Major and his Chancellor they knew their relationship was not working, all they were doing was papering over the cracks the talks succeeded in papering over the cracks between two groups of industrialised nations he knew he was the new man, sent to paper over the cracks of the Suez misadventure
2 (slight opening) rendija (f)
through the crack in the door she saw him through a crack in the curtains he went to the door, opened it a crack and listened
I opened the door a crack abrí un poquito la puerta
3 (noise) [of twigs] crujido (m); [of whip] chasquido (m); [of rifle] estampido (m); estallido (m)
I could hear the crack of gunfire as we neared the front
[of thunder] estampido (m); estruendo (m)
to get a fair crack of the whip tener la oportunidad de demostrar lo que vale
to give sb a fair crack of the whip dar la oportunidad a algn de demostrar lo que vale
he got a fair crack of the whip they don't want any favours, just a fair crack of the whip Personally, I don't think I got a fair crack of the whip given a fair crack of the whip, you could make a satisfying job out of this if you stay put
4 (blow) golpe (m)
he got a nasty crack on the head se llevó un buen golpe en la cabeza
he gave him quite a crack
5 (attempt) intento (m)
to have or take a crack at sth intentar algo; he was anxious to have the first crack at it estaba deseoso de ser el primero en intentarlo
I'd love to have a crack at the Olympic title she decided to take another crack at phoning him
6 (joke, insult) comentario (m) burlón
he made a silly crack about our new car hizo un chiste tonto sobre nuestro coche nuevo
7 (drug) crack (m)
he was caught smoking crack in a hotel room
at the crack of dawn al romper el alba; I'm not getting up at the crack of dawn! (informal) ¡no me voy a levantar con el canto del gallo! (informal)
I often start work at the crack of dawn
9 (fun)
it's good crack es muy divertido
I enjoy playing with kids, it's a good crack what they most liked about foreign driving was the crack
[+team, sportsperson, troops] de primera
a crack gymnast police officer, soldier a crack undercover police officer
he's a crack shot es un tirador de primera
transitive verb
1 (break) [+glass, pottery] rajar; [+wood, ground, wall] agrietar; resquebrajar; [+ice] resquebrajar; [+skin] agrietar; [+person] derrotar
the Bush campaign is trying to crack Clinton I thought I had cracked him when I went 9-3 up, but Peter never gave up I threw stones to crack the ice on the pond she cracked a cup while she was washing up crack the stone into clean, flat layers years of exposure to sunlight had cracked the window frames/the surface of the table she took the small tablet, cracked it with her thumbnail, inserted half into Pamela's although the courts ordered bussing to desegregate the schools, they couldn't crack the social barriers that resisted integration in white, old ethnic neighborhoods forward-thinkers couldn't crack the social barriers that resisted change
to crack sb's resolve hacerle perder la determinación a algn
how are we going to crack his resolve?
2 (break open) [+nut] cascar; [+egg] cascar; romper; [+safe] forzar; [+market] entrar en; introducirse en; [+drugs/spy ring] desarticular
to crack (open) a bottle (informal) abrir una botella
last week Customs officials cracked a cannabis smuggling ring crack the eggs into a bowl let's crack another bottle boil the crab, then crack the shell and remove the meat American companies are trying to crack Japan's construction market
3 (hit) golpear
he fell and cracked his head on the pavement se cayó y se golpeó la cabeza con la acera
to crack sb over the [head] to crack sb's/one's head [open] to crack one's [skull]
4 (cause to sound) [+whip] chasquear; restallar; [+finger joints] hacer crujir
he cracked his fingers nervously he stretched and cracked his knuckles
to crack the whip apretarle a algn las clavijas
no wonder your boss has to crack the whip to keep you in line
5 (tell) [+joke] contar
when she does crack a joke, people really don't know how to react to it this gave her a cue to crack a joke and break into an infectious laugh
to crack jokes bromear; contar chistes
he drove, cracked jokes and talked about beer and girls
6 (solve) [+problem, case] resolver; [+code] descifrar
the police think they've cracked it la policía cree haberlo resuelto
I think we've cracked the problem he was determined to crack his weight problem police are concerned about vigilantes trying to crack crime he's cracked the system after years of painstaking research
to crack a smile sonreír
we tried to cheer him up but he didn't even crack a smile to find or catch he was surfing all day but hardly cracked a wave
intransitive verb
1 (break) [+glass, pottery] rajarse; [+wall, wood, ground] agrietarse; resquebrajarse; [+ice] resquebrajarse; [+skin] agrietarse
there are holes in the roof and the walls are beginning to crack skin is more likely to crack when it's stretched or irritated heavy loads on the bridge were causing it to crack a gas main had cracked under my neighbour's garage she fell and felt her ribs crack
2 [+voice] (with emotion) quebrarse
her voice cracked and she began to cry If you go from octave to octave and you're not warmed up, and your voice cracks,that is also very embarrassing having your voice crack # there's no way that you can hide that from your audience
3 (yield, break down) [+person] desmoronarse
I thought his nerve would crack creía que iba a perder el valor
he swore he was going to give up smoking but it wasn't long before his resolve cracked she's calm and strong, she's not going to crack give him a few more hours interrogation and I think he'll crack there are fears that the coalition will crack
to crack under the strain [+person] desmoronarse bajo la presión; sufrir una crisis nerviosa a cause de la presión; [+relationship] desmoronarse; [+alliance] desmoronarse or quebrantarse bajo la presión
their relationship is likely to crack under the strain of trying to bring up five children and hold down two jobs European countries are showing signs of cracking under pressure from the United States
4 (make noise) [+thunder] retumbar; [+whip] chasquear; [+dry wood, joints] crujir
thunder cracked in the sky her knee joints cracked as she tried to get up
to get cracking poner manos a la obra; you'd better get cracking más te vale poner manos a la obra; I promised to get cracking on or with the decorating le prometí que empezaría a pintar inmediatamente
you've got everything you need, now get cracking! unless we get cracking we'll lose this election
crack cocaine (n) crack (m)
crack house (n) (Drugs) lugar donde se vende crack or cocaína dura
It is 6pm on Wednesday in the "crack house", the dealer's base for making, selling and smoking the drug


1. (estrella) 
a. star, superstar 
2. (finance) 
a. crash 
3. (droga) 
a. crack 
1 (Latinoamérica) (Dep) (persona) top player; star player; (caballo) champion horse
2 (droga) crack (muy_familiar)
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