Cover in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. tapa (f) (lid)
2. funda (f) (soft covering)
  • covers mantas (f pl) (blankets)
3. tapa (f) (of book); portada (f) (of magazine)
  • front cover portada (f)
  • back cover contraportada (f) , contratapa (f) (español de Perú, PR)
  • to read a book from cover to cover leerse un libro de principio a fin
  • cover story tema (m) de portada
4. protección (f) (shelter)
  • to break cover ponerse al descubierto
  • to take cover ponerse a cubierto
  • under cover of darkness al amparo de la oscuridad
5. tapadera (f) (disguise, front)
  • my cover has been blown me han desenmascarado
  • cover story tapadera (f)
6. cobertura (f) (finanzas) (in insurance)
  • full cover cobertura máxima
7. (song)
  • cover (version) versión (f) (de una canción original)
8. (in restaurant)
  • cover charge cubierto (m)
  • cover letter carta (f) de presentación (for job application) (Estados Unidos)
transitive verb
9. cubrir (person, object); tapar (with a lid)
  • to cover one's eyes taparse los ojos
  • to cover a wall with paint recubrir de pintura una pared
  • to cover oneself with glory cubrirse de gloria
  • to cover one's costs cubrir gastos
  • to cover a song hacer una versión de una canción (musician)
10. ocultar (hide) (one's embarrassment, confusion)
  • to cover one's tracks no dejar rastro
11. cubrir, recorrer (travel over)
  • we covered 100 km cubrimos or recorrimos 100 kms
  • to cover a lot of ground (sentido figurado) abarcar mucho
12. cubrir (include, deal with)
  • to cover a story cubrir una noticia (journalist)
13. asegurar (protect) (finanzas) (with insurance)
  • to cover oneself or (sentido figurado)
  • one's back cubrirse las espaldas (take precautions) (británico)
cover [ˈkʌvəʳ]
1 (gen) [of dish, saucepan] tapa (f); tapadera (f); [of furniture, typewriter] funda (f); [of lens] tapa (f)
Always place the cover back over the lens to protect it from dust
(for book) forro (m); (for merchandise, on vehicle) cubierta (f)
2 (bedspread) cubrecama (m); colcha (f); (often pl) (blanket) manta (f); frazada (f); (LAm) cobija (f); (LAm)
3 [of magazine] portada (f); [of book] cubierta (f); tapa (f)
to read a book from cover to cover leer un libro de cabo a rabo
4 (Comm) (envelope) sobre (m)
under separate cover por separado
5 (no pl) (shelter) cobijo (m); refugio (m)
...barren wastes of fields with no trees and no cover
(for hiding) escondite (m); (covering fire) cobertura (f)
They said they could not provide adequate air cover for ground operations
ponerse a buen recaudo
to break cover salir al descubierto
to run for cover correr a cobijarse
Critics within his own party are already running for cover But his supporters dwindled, and his clarion calls - so far from rallying the dissidents - sent nervous backbenchers running for cover
When the storm began, I quickly ran for cover because I was wearing a new suede jacket The British troops kept discharging their muskets as the Americans dispersed and ran for cover
to take cover (from) (Mil) ponerse a cubierto (de); (shelter) protegerse or resguardarse (de); under cover a cubierto; (indoors) bajo techo; under cover of darkness al amparo de la oscuridad
6 (no pl) (Economics) (Insurance) cobertura (f)
without cover (Economics) sin cobertura; full/fire cover (Insurance) cobertura total/contra incendios
7 (in espionage etc) tapadera (f)
The conference was merely a cover for an illegal political gathering
to blow sb's cover (accidentally) poner a algn al descubierto; (intentionally) desenmascarar a algn
I can't afford to get involved. It could blow my cover Drago's never forgiven the CIA for blowing his cover and making him a wanted man for the rest of his life
8 (at table) cubierto (m)
9 (Mús)
cover version See culture box in entry cover.
transitive verb
to cover sth (with) [+surface, wall] cubrir algo (con or de); [+saucepan, hole, eyes, face] tapar algo (con); [+book] forrar algo (con); [+chair] tapizar algo (con); to cover one's face with one's hands taparse la cara con las manos
Then he burst into tears and covered his face with his hands
to be covered in or with snow/dust/chocolate estar cubierto de nieve/polvo/chocolate; covered with confusion/shame lleno de confusión/muerto de vergüenza
to cover o.s. with glory/disgrace cubrirse de gloria/hundirse en la miseria
2 (hide) [+feelings, facts, mistakes] ocultar; [+noise] ahogar
to cover (up) one's tracks borrar las huellas
3 (protect) (Mil) (Dep) cubrir
to keep sb covered cubrir a algn
I'm going to try and run to that ridge. Keep me covered
I've got you covered! ¡te tengo a tiro!; ¡te estoy apuntando!; the soldiers covered our retreat los soldados nos cubrieron la retirada
It was not many minutes before a strong line of dismounted cavalry, followed by mounted men, deployed from this mass to cover the retreat of their fleeing brethren
he only said that to cover himself lo dijo solo para cubrirse
to cover one's back
cover one's ass
cubrirse las espaldas
He had covered his back by persuading Zohdi to provide a written approval for the contract Don't try to use the FBI to cover your rear when your staff gets into trouble in the travel office You had to have an answer for everything — you had to cover your ass all the time
4 (Insurance) cubrir
what does your travel insurance cover you for? ¿qué (cosas) cubre tu seguro de viaje?; the house is covered against fire la casa está asegurada contra incendios
5 (be sufficient for) [+cost, expenses] cubrir; sufragar
to cover a loss cubrir una pérdida; £10 will cover everything con 10 libras será suficiente
6 (take in, include) incluir
goods covered by this invoice los artículos incluídos en esta factura; such factories will not be covered by this report tales fábricas no se verán incluídas en este informe; we must cover all possibilities debemos tener en cuenta todas las posibilidades
7 (deal with) [+problem, area] abarcar; [+points in discussion] tratar; discutir
his speech covered most of the points raised su discurso abarcó la mayoría de los puntos planteados; his work covers many different fields su trabajo abarca muchas especialidades distintas; no law covers a situation like this ninguna ley contempla una situación semejante
8 [+distance] recorrer; cubrir
we covered eight miles in one hour recorrimos ocho millas en una hora; to cover a lot of ground (in travel, work) recorrer mucho trecho; (deal with many subjects) abarcar muchos temas
9 (Press) (report on) cubrir
all the newspapers covered the story todos los periódicos cubrieron el caso; he was sent to cover the riots lo enviaron para que hiciera un reportaje de los disturbios
10 (Mús)
to cover a song hacer una versión de una canción
He'd written `Anna' and `You Better Move On' (covered respectively by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones)
11 (inseminate) [+animal] cubrir
It's the same in horses as humans. If there is one working testicle then it is quite possible for a stallion to successfully cover a mare
intransitive verb
to cover for sb (at work etc) suplir a algn; (protect) encubrir a algn
Why would she cover for someone who was trying to kill her?
cover charge (n) (in restaurant) (precio (m) del) cubierto (m)
cover girl (n) modelo (f) de portada
cover letter (n) (US) carta (f) de explicación
cover note (n) (Britain) (Insurance) seguro (m) provisional
cover price (n) precio (m) de venta al público
There's simply no point in paying the cover price for any book when you can get most of them by mail at discounts of 30% to 80%
cover story (n) (Press) tema (m) de portada; (in espionage etc) tapadera (f)
cover version (n) (Mús) versión (f)
...a new album of Cole Porter cover versions
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Gerund: cubriendo
Participle: cubierto
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