Couple in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. par (m) (of things)
  • a couple of un par de
2. pareja (f) (people)
transitive verb
3. relacionar, asociar (associate)
4. conjugar, combinar (combine)
  • coupled with junto con
couple [ˈkʌpl]
1 (pair) par (m)
a couple of un par de
2 (partners) pareja (f); (married couple) matrimonio (m)
young couple matrimonio (m) joven
3 (two or three)
just a couple of minutes dos minutos nada más; I know a couple of lads who can do the job conozco a un par de chicos que pueden hacer el trabajo; we had a couple in a bar tomamos un par de copas en un bar
transitive verb
1 [+names etc] unir; juntar; [+ideas] asociar
to couple sth with sth unir algo a algo; juntar algo con algo
2 (Téc)
to couple (on or up) acoplar (a); enganchar (a)
intransitive verb
(Zool) copularse
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