1. (territorial division of a U.S. state) 
Many of the names of the counties in the state of Maine are of Native American origin.Muchos condados del estado de Maine tienen nombres indígenas.
2. (territorial division of the United Kingdom) 
She grew up in the county of Norfolk, and her accent is typical of that region.Creció en el condado de Norfolk y tiene el acento típico de la región.
3. (of high society) (United Kingdom) 
Her family is county; she grew up in a beautiful Victorian mansion.Su familia es aristócrata; creció en una hermosa mansión victoriana.
My boyfriend is of royal blood, and his family is very county.Mi novio es de sangre noble, y su familia es muy distinguida.
1. (general) 
a. el condado (M) 
county councilórgano de gobierno de un condado
county seatcapital de condado
county [ˈkaʊntɪ]
(Britain) condado (m); (US) (subdivision of state) comarca (f); provincia (f);
county boundary (n) límite (m) comarcal or provincial
county clerk's office (n) (US) registro (m) civil
county council county commission (US) (n) diputación (f) provincial
county court (n) (Britain) juzgado (m) de primera instancia
county cricket (n) (Britain) partidos de críquet entre los condados
county family (n) (Britain) familia (f) aristocrática rural
county recorder's office (n) (US) registro (m) de la propiedad
county road (n) (US) carretera (f) secundaria
county seat (n) (US)
county town See culture box in entry county.
county town (n) (Britain) capital (f) de condado
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county fair
la feria del condado
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