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1. país (m) (state, people)
  • to go to the country convocar elecciones (call elections) (británico)
2. campo (m) (as opposed to town)
  • in the country en el campo
  • country life vida (f) campestre
  • country and Western music música (f) country
country [ˈkʌntrɪ]
1 (nation) país (m); (people) pueblo (m)
to go to the country (Britain) (Pol) convocar a elecciones generales
2 (fatherland) patria (f)
to die for one's country morir por la patria; love of country amor a la patria
3 (no pl) (countryside) campo (m)
we had to leave the road and go across country tuvimos que dejar la carretera e ir a través del campo; in the country en el campo; to live off the country vivir de lo que produce la tierra
4 (no pl) (terrain, land) terreno (m); tierra (f)
this is good fishing country esta es buena tierra para la pesca; unknown country also terreno desconocido; mountainous country región (f) montañosa; there is some lovely country further south más al sur el paisaje es muy bonito
country and western (music) (n) música (f) country; música (f) ranchera; (Méx)
country bumpkin (n) patán (m); paletoapaleta (m) (f);a paleta
country club (n) club (m) campestre
country cottage (n) casita (f) (en el campo)
country cousin (n) pueblerinoapueblerina (m) (f);a pueblerina
country dance (n) baile (m) regional
country dancing (n) danza (f) folklórica
country dweller (n) persona (f) que vive en el campo
country folk (n) gente (f) del campo
country gentleman (n) hacendado (m)
country house (n) casa (f) de campo; quinta (f); (farm) finca (f); especially (LAm) rancho (m); (Méx)
country life (n) vida (f) campestre or del campo
country mile (n)
to miss sth by a country mile (US) quedarse a una legua de algo
Both songs inexplicably missed the singles chart by a country mile
country music (n)
country and western (music) See culture box in entry country.
country park (n) parque (m)
country people (n)
country folk See culture box in entry country.
country road (n) camino (m) vecinal
country seat (n) casa (f) solariega; hacienda (f); (LAm)
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