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1. sofá (m)
  • to be on the couch (familiar) estar yendo al psicoanalista (in psycho-analysis)
  • couch potato (familiar) = persona que se pasa el día apoltronada viendo la tele
transitive verb
2. expresar, formular (express)
couch [kaʊtʃ]
sofá (m); (Med) (in doctor's surgery) camilla (f); (psychiatrist's) diván (m)
to be on the couch especially (US) ir al psicoanalista
transitive verb
couched in jargon redactado en jerigonza
couch grass (n) hierba (f) rastrera
couch potato (n) teleadictoateleadicta (m) (f);a teleadicta persona que se apalanca en el sofá
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