1. (building) 
I want to buy a cottage and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.Quiero comprarme una casita de campo y escaparme del bullicio de la ciudad.
1. (general) 
a. el casa de campo, chalé (M) 
cottage cheesequeso fresco
cottage hospitalhospital rural
cottage industryindustria artesanal
cottage piepastel de carne picada y puré de patata, papa
cottage [ˈkɒtɪdʒ]
(country house) casita (f) de campo; quinta (f); (LAm) (humble dwelling) choza (f); barraca (f); (US) vivienda (f) campestre; quinta (f);
cottage cheese (n) requesón (m)
cottage hospital (n) (Britain) hospital (m) rural
cottage industry (n) industria (f) artesanal or casera
cottage loaf (n) (Britain) pan (m) casero
cottage pie (n) (Britain) pastel de carne cubierta de puré de patatas
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cottage cheese
el requesón
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