feminine noun
1. sewing, needlework (labor)
2. seam (en tela)
3. dressmaking (oficio)
  • alta costura -> haute couture
4. scar (cicatriz)

costura [cos-too’-rah]
1. Seam. (f)
  • Sin costuras -> seamless
  • Sentar las costuras -> to press the seams
2. Needlework, especially upon white goods: sheets, shirts, etc. Alta costura, haute couture. (f)
  • La costura Italiana -> Italian fashion
3. Splicing of a rope. (Nautical) (f)
  • Costuras de los tablones de un navío -> (Naut.) the seams of the planks of a ship
  • Costuras abiertas -> seams of a ship from which the oakum has been washed out
(Carp.) A joint between two pieces of wood.

1 (puntadas) seam
sin costura seamless; sentar las costuras to press the seams
sentar las costura a algn to give sb a hiding (familiar)
2 (labor) sewing; needlework; (confección) dressmaking
alta costura haute couture; high fashion; la costura italiana Italian fashion
3 (Náutica) seam

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