feminine noun
1. curtain (de tela)
  • cortina de agua (figurative) -> sheet of water
  • cortina de hierro (history) -> Iron Curtain (Am)
  • cortina de humo (también figurative) -> smoke screen

cortina [cor-tee’-nah]
1. Curtain, shade, screen, portiere. (f)
2. Curtain, part of a wall or rampart which lies between two bastions. (Military) (f)
3. Any veil or covering. (f)
  • Cortina de hierro -> iron curtain
  • Cortina de humo -> smoke screen
  • Correr la cortina -> (fig.) to draw a veil over something
  • Descorrer la cortina -> (fig.) To draw back the veil

(para ventana) curtain; drape; (EEUU) (Técnica) retaining wall; screen
correr la cortina to draw a veil over sth
descorrer la cortina to draw back the veil
cortina de ducha shower curtain
cortina de fuego (Mil) barrage
cortina de hierro (Política) iron curtain
cortina de humo smoke screen
cortina de tienda tent flap
cortina musical (S. Cone) (TV) musical interlude

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