feminine noun
1. courtesy
  • las trataron con cortesía -> they were treated courteously o politely
  • por cortesía de -> courtesy of
  • tuvo la cortesía de llamarme -> he was kind enough to phone me
  • de cortesía -> courtesy
  • una visita de cortesía -> a courtesy call
  • le daremos diez minutos de cortesía -> we'll give him ten minutes

cortesía [cor-tay-see’-ah]
1. Courtesy, an act of civility and respect, obeisance, courteousness; good manners. (f)
  • Visita de cortesía -> formal visit
2. Compliment, an expression of civility; a title of courtesy. (f)
3. Gift, present, gratifications. (f)
4. Days of grace allowed by custom for the payment of a bill of exchange, after it becomes due. (f)
5. Mercy, favor. (f)
  • Títul -> or tratamiento de cortesía, a title or appellation of honor, not of right, but by courtesy
  • Hacer una cortesía -> to drop a courtesy

1 (conducta) courtesy; politeness
visita de cortesía courtesy call; entrada de cortesía complimentary ticket; días de cortesía (Com) days of grace; por cortesía as a courtesy
2 (etiqueta) social etiquette
la cortesía pide que ... etiquette demands that ...
3 [de carta] formal ending
4 (reverencia) [de hombre] bow; [de mujer] curtsy
hacer una cortesía a algn [+hombre] to bow to sb; [+mujer] to curtsy to sb
5 (regalo) present; gift

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