corta [cor’-tah]
1. Felling of wood, said also of reeds. (f)
1. Short, not long, scanty, narrow, curt.
  • El vestido le ha quedado corto -> the dress has got too short for her
  • El niño va todavía de corto -> the child is still wearing short trousers
2. Small, little.
3. Short, not of long duration.
4. Dull, stupid, weak of intellect. (Metaphorical)
5. Timid, pusillanimous, fearful. (Metaphorical)
  • Quedarse corto -> to say less than one should say
6. Short of words, concise. (Metaphorical)
7. Imperfect, defective.
  • Corto de vista -> short-sighted
  • Corto de oído -> hard of hearing
  • Corto de manos -> slow at work, unhandy, not handy, not dexterous
  • Pongamos 50 dólares y me quedo corto -> let’s say 50 dollars and that’s an underestimate
  • Se quedó corta en la comida -> she did not provide enough food
8. Short (cine). (m)

felling; cutting

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