corrido, -a
1. drawn (cortinas)
2. embarrassed (avergonzado)
3. continuous (continuo)
  • balcón corrido, -a -> long balcony
  • banco corrido, -a (running across building) -> long bench
  • de corrido, -a (figurative) -> by heart
  • recitar algo de corrido, -a -> to recite something parrot-fashion
masculine noun
4. Mexican ballad (canción mejicana)

corrido [cor-ree’-do]
1. Romance, a merry song, accompanied with a guitar, in the fandango style. (m)
  • Corridos -> Rents due and not paid
3. Fugitive from justice. (Andes)
1. Expert, experienced, artful.
  • Es una mujer corrida -> she’s a woman who has been around
2. Abashed, ashamed.
3. Tresnoches corridas, three nights running.
4. Continuous. (Architecture)
5. Fluent, confident (estilo).
  • Decir algo decorrido -> to rattle something off
6. Excellent, splendid (fiesta).
7. Cursive (escritura).
-pp. of CORRER.

1 [+habitación, galería] continuous
la casa tiene un balcón corrido el salón y el despacho están corridos
2 [+cortinas] drawn
ya están las cortinas corridas y la luz apagada
3 (avergonzado) abashed; embarrassed
corrido de vergüenza covered with shame
4 (experimentado) worldly-wise; sharp
es una mujer corrida she's a woman who has been around
es una persona muy corrida
5 (con expresiones temporales)
tres noches corridas three nights running; hasta muy corrida la noche far into the night
6 [+peso, medida] extra; extra large
un kilo corrido a good kilo; a kilo and a bit
de cerezas va un cuarto corrido, ¿le quito unas pocas?
7 [+estilo] fluent; confident
escribía y hablaba con estilo corrido y articulaba muy bien las vocales
de corrido fluently; decir algo de corrido to rattle sth off; se sabía la lección de corrido he knew it all right through; he could say it all from memory
8 (México)
comida corrida fixed price menu
1 (México) (balada) ballad
2 (Perú) (fugitivo) fugitive from justice
Corridos are Mexican ballads, usually sung by a solo voice and accompanied on the guitar. Traditionally they were used to narrate important events to semi-literate communities, and favourite themes include the Mexican Revolution and Mexican migration to the USA. The corrido is similar in form to the Spanish romance from which it derives, but deals with the common people's struggle for justice, rather than the chivalrous deeds of the aristocracy.

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