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1. exacto(a) (exact) (amount, change); correcto(a) (information, use, spelling)
  • do you have the correct time? ¿sabes qué hora es exactamente?
  • he is correct tiene razón
  • that is correct (eso es) correcto
  • to prove correct resultar (ser) correcto(a)
2. correcto(a) (person, behavior)
transitive verb
3. corregir
  • to correct a misunderstanding corregir un malentendido
  • correct me if I'm wrong, but… corríjame si me equivoco, pero…
  • I stand corrected reconozco mi error
correct [kəˈrekt]
1 (accurate) correcto
answer, amount, term, calculation, estimate, information
(that's) correct! ¡correcto!; ¡exacto!
the following information was correct at time of going to press
is this spelling correct? ¿está bien escrito esto?; your suspicions are correct está en lo cierto con sus sospechas
correct fare only (in buses etc) importe exacto
to be correct [+person] tener razón; estar en lo cierto; am I correct in saying that ...? ¿me equivoco al decir que ...?; ¿estoy en lo cierto al decir que ...?; he was normally correct in his calculations normalmente sus cálculos eran exactos; he was correct to blame the government estuvo en lo cierto cuando culpó al gobierno; the president was correct to reject the offer el presidente hizo bien al rechazar la oferta; it is correct to say that ... es acertado decir que ...
put the cards in the correct order
have you got the correct time? ¿tiene la hora exacta?
am I correct in thinking that ...? he is probably correct in his assessment of the situation
2 (appropriate) adecuado
method, approach, weight, speed, temperature
the correct weight for your height and build el peso adecuado dadas su altura y constitución
make sure you use the correct fuse
in the correct place en su sitio
the use of the correct materials is crucial the pots must be heated at the correct temperature otherwise they will break too easily you must always bake cakes at the correct temperature for good results the specimens must be stored at the correct temperature if they are to be preserved
3 (proper) [+person, behaviour, manners] correcto; [+dress] apropiado
correct dress must be worn
it's the correct thing to do es lo correcto
transitive verb
1 (put right) [+mistake, habit, exam, eyesight] corregir; [+person] corregir; rectificar; [+imbalance] eliminar; [+clock] poner en hora
your new glasses will correct your eyesight
"I don't mean tomorrow," she corrected herself —no, no mañana —se corrigió; correct me if I'm wrong dime si tengo razón o no; correct me if I'm wrong, but ... a lo mejor me equivoco, pero ...; I stand corrected reconozco mi error
2 (punish) castigar; (admonish) reprender
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