usage note
This word is often used with the diminutive suffix "-ito" in the sense shown in 4).
masculine noun
1. (animal) 
a. lamb 
Los corderos nacieron con cinco minutos de diferencia.The lambs were born within five minutes of each other.
2. (culinary) 
a. lamb 
La abuelita preparó una pata cordero para cenar.Granny made a leg of lamb for dinner.
3. (material) 
a. lambskin 
El bolso es muy caro porque está hecho de cordero.The purse is very expensive because it's made of lambskin.
masculine or feminine noun
4. (meek person) 
a. lamb 
¡El hermano menor de Lourdes es un todo un corderito!Lourdes's little brother is such a lamb!
proper noun
5. (Jesus Christ) 
a. the Lamb 
"El Cordero nos enseño a dar la otra mejilla," dijo el sacerdote."The Lamb instructed us to turn the other cheek," said the priest.
1. (también fig) 
a. lamb 
Cordero, -a de Dioslamb of God
corderoa cordera
(Zoología) lamb
¡no hay tales corderos! it's nothing of the sort!
es (como) un cordero he wouldn't say "boo" to a goose; he's as quiet as a mouse
cordero asado roast lamb
Cordero de Dios Lamb of God
cordero lechal young lamb
(piel) lambskin
Phrases with "cordero"
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chuleta de cordero
lamb chop
cordero asado
grilled lamb
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