masculine noun
1. cord
  • a cordel -> in a straight line

cordel [cor-del’]
1. Cord, a rope of several strands. (m)
2. A thin rope or line used on board a ship; a line. (Nautical) (m)
  • Cordel alquitranado -> a tarred line
  • Cordel blanco -> an untarred line
  • Cordel de corredera -> logline
  • Mozo de cordel -> porter, one who carries burdens for hire
  • Apretar los cordeles -> to oblige one to say or do a thing by violence
  • Echar el cordel -> 1. To mark with a line or cord. 2. (Met.) To administer justice impartially. 3. (Met.) To draw lines in order to consider the manner of executing a thing.
  • Estar a cordel -> to be in a right line

cord; line
a cordel in a straight line

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