masculine noun
1. hook and eye (broche)
2. square bracket (signo ortográfico)
3. staple (grapa) (Chilean Spanish)

corchete [cor-chay’-tay]
1. Clasp, a hook and eye: commonly used in the plural. (m)
  • Corchetes -> hooks and eyes
2. Locket, a small lock; crotch. (m)
3. An arresting officer. (Colloquial) (m)
4. An iron instrument for flattening tin plates. (m)
5. Brace used to connect lines in writing or printing. (m)
6. Benchhook of a carpenter’s bench. (m)

1 (Cos) (broche) hook and eye; (macho) hook
2 corchetes (Tipografía) square brackets
corchetes agudos angled brackets
3 (Chile) (grapa) staple

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