cool down
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to become cooler) 
a. enfriarse 
Switch off the ignition and let the engine cool down before checking the oil level.Apaga el motor y deja que se enfríe antes de chequear el nivel del aceite.
The weather was so hot we had to keep jumping in the pool to cool down.Hacía tanto calor que tuvimos que tirarnos a la piscina a cada rato para refrescarnos.
2. (to become calmer) 
a. calmarse 
Once he's cooled down, he'll realize he made a mistake and he'll apologize.Una vez que se haya calmado, se dará cuenta de que se equivocó y pedirá disculpas.
transitive verb phrase
3. (to cause to become cooler) 
a. enfriar 
I blew on my soup to cool it down.Soplé mi sopa para enfriarla.
4. (to cause to become calmer) 
a. calmar 
They started punching each other, but we managed to separate them and cool them down.Empezaron a pegarse, pero logramos separarlos y calmarlos.
cool down
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
this will c you downesto te refrescará
intransitive verb
2. (weather) 
a. refrescar 
3. (liquid) 
a. enfriarse (un poco) 
4. (become calm) 
a. calmarse, tranquilizarse 
cool down
transitive verb
1 (make colder) enfriar
2 (make calmer)
to cool sb down calmar a algn
1 (become colder) [+object] enfriarse; [+person] refrescarse; tener menos calor
2 (become calmer) [+person, situation] calmarse
cool down! ¡cálmese!
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