Conviction in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
1. condena (f) (Law)
  • to have no previous convictions no tener condenas anteriores
2. convicción (f) (belief)
  • her voice lacked conviction le faltaba convicción en la voz
  • to carry conviction ser convincente
conviction [kənˈvɪkʃən]
1 (Jur) condena (f)
there were 12 convictions for theft hubo 12 condenas por robo; to have no previous convictions no tener antecedentes penales
2 (belief) convicción (f); creencia (f)
it is my conviction that ... creo firmemente que ...
3 (persuasion, persuasiveness)
he said with conviction dijo con convicción; without much conviction no muy convencido; to carry conviction ser convincente; open to conviction dispuesto a dejarse convencer
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