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masculine noun
1. agreement
  • convenio colectivo (industry) collective agreement
  • convenio salarial wage agreement o settlement
CONVENIO COLECTIVO The convenio colectivo (collective agreement) is still a common feature of the Spanish labor market. Such agreements, which cover wages and a wide range of conditions of employment, are arrived at through collective bargaining between management and workers' representatives. They can apply to a particular geographical area (such as a province), or throughout a sector of the national economy, or (a recent development) to a particular occupation (e.g. train drivers), or within a single company.
los trabajadores firmaron un convenio con la patronal La ministra presentó hoy un informe sobre el convenio comercial con Ecuador los convenios de biodiversidad y de lucha contra la desertización hay convenios de cooperacion con universidades un Convenio de extradición entre los países de la Unión Europea
convenio colectivo collective bargain; general wages agreement
el firmado entre los representantes de los trabajadores y los empresarios
convenio comercial trade agreement
convenio de nivel crítico threshold agreement
convenio laboral trade agreement
un convenio laboral que reconoce como beneficiarios de billetes de avión a precio reducido a las parejas estables de la compañía
convenio salarial wages agreement
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