1. (power) 
The rebels now had control of the city.Los rebeldes ya tenían el control de la ciudad.
2. (ability to restrain) 
Perdió el control del vehículo.He lost control of the vehicle.
3. (regulation) 
There's a new law on gun control.Hay una nueva ley sobre el control de armas.
4. (button, switch) 
Where's the volume control?¿Dónde está el control del volumen?
b. el botón (M) 
The brightness control is on the side.El botón del brillo está al costado.
5. (mastery) 
That soccer player has great ball control.Ese jugador de fútbol tiene un excelente control del balón.
transitive verb
6. (to have power over) 
a. controlar 
The director controls the whole company.El director controla toda la empresa.
7. (to restrain) 
a. controlar 
The teacher didn't seem able to control her class.Parecía que la profesora no podía controlar la clase.
8. (to regulate) 
a. controlar 
We have introduced a series of measures to control expenditure.Hemos introducido una serie de medidas para controlar los gastos.
b. regular 
This button controls the temperature.Este botón regula la temperatura.
9. (to operate) 
a. controlar 
The pilot could no longer control the plane.El piloto ya no podía controlar el avión.
10. (to control oneself) 
You must learn to control yourself!¡Tienes que aprender a controlarte!
1. (power, restriction) 
a. el control (M) 
to take controlponerse al mando, tomar el control
to have control overcontrolar
to be in control ofestar al cargo de
to be back in controlvolver a controlar la situación
to get out of controldescontrolarse
under controlbajo control
to bring a fire under controlcontrolar un incendio
due to circumstances beyond our controldebido a circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad
to lose/regain controlperder/recuperar el control
he lost control of himselfperdió el control
control groupgrupo de control
control roomsala de control
control towertorre f de control
2. (of device) 
a. el mando (M) 
volume/brightness controlmando del volumen/brillo
the controlslos mandos
to be at the controlsestar a los mandos
control paneltablero de mandos
3. (experiment) 
a. la prueba de control (F) 
control groupgrupo de control
transitive verb
4. (business, production, expenditure) 
a. controlar, regular 
5. (child, pupils) 
a. controlar, dominar 
6. (disease) 
a. controlar 
7. (vehicle) 
a. manejar, controlar 
to control oneselfcontrolarse, dominarse
to control the trafficdirigir el tráfico
she was unable to control her angerfue incapaz de dominar su ira
control [kənˈtrəʊl]
1 (command) control (m);over sobre
troops regained control of the capital las tropas recuperaron el control de la capital; he is giving up control of the company va a ceder el control de la empresa
more schools are withdrawing from local authority control she has absolute control, with fifty per cent of the company's shares the first aim of the government will be to establish control over the republic's territory some women have been so socialized that they cannot take action or control in their lives There is a newer meaning of control hinted at here, linked with psychotherapy and counselling, where control means personal power and can be seen as (a) positive or (b) negative, when controlling behaviour/exercising control has a detrimental effect on others, particularly people in a relationship - I have made up a second example (below) which I hope will help with this. LK the trouble with him is that he's really into control (in a relationship)
to gain control of [+company, territory] hacerse con el control de
they [gained] control of the company the union made an unsuccessful attempt to gain control of their company Government forces are slowly gaining control of the cities in this area
they have no control over their pupils no pueden controlar a sus alumnos
she has control of the money
to be in control (of sth)
who is in control? ¿quién manda?; they are in complete control of the situation tienen la situación totalmente controlada or dominada; people feel more in control of their lives la gente se siente más dueña de su vida; la gente siente que tiene mayor control de su vida
nobody knows who's in control of the club she appeared calm and in control of [herself]
his party has lost control of the Senate su partido perdió el control del Senado
the chairman of the ruling party said his colleagues fear they're going to lose control of the government
to take control of a company hacerse con el control de una empresa
they are in a position to [take] control of the company
it was time to take control of her life again era hora de volver a tomar las riendas de su vida
under British control bajo dominio or control británico
to be under private control estar en manos de particulares
2 (power to restrain) control (m)
control of inflation remains the government's absolute priority
due to circumstances beyond our control debido a circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad
some events, such as accidents, are beyond our control
to lose control (of o.s.) perder el control or dominio de uno mismo
he had a terrible temper, and sometimes he would lose control he was working hard to keep control of himself
he lost control of the car perdió el control del coche
to be out of control estar fuera de control
the flames are still burning out of control population growth is now out of control in China he was jealous and angry and out of control the class was quite out of control
the children were getting out of control los niños se estaban descontrolando; the car went out of control el coche quedó fuera de control
everything is under control todo está bajo control
I brought my temper under control dominé or controlé el genio; to bring or get a fire under control conseguir dominar or controlar un incendio; to keep sth/sb under control mantener algo/a algn bajo control
he's always had problems keeping his weight under control
3 (restraint) restricción (f)
they want greater controls on arms sales quieren mayores restricciones en la venta de armamento
the government is tightening controls on illegal immigration
arms control control (m) de armamentos
they have very strict gun control in Sweden
birth control control (m) de la natalidad; price/wage control reglamentación (f) or control (m) de precios/salarios
they have lifted price controls on consumer goods
4 controls (Téc) mandos (m)
I practised operating the controls
to be at the controls estar a (cargo de) los mandos
he died of a heart attack while at the controls of the plane
to take over the controls hacerse cargo de los mandos
5 (knob, switch) botón (m)
I've lost the remote control for the stereo
volume control botón (m) del volumen
6 (in experiment) testigo (m)
7 (checkpoint) control (m)
an agreement to abolish border controls un acuerdo para eliminar los controles en las fronteras; passport control control (m) de pasaportes
8 (Dep) (mastery) dominio (m)
his ball control is very good su dominio del balón es muy bueno; domina bien el balón
transitive verb
1 (command) [+country, territory, business, organization] controlar
he controls a large retail empire enemy troops still control two thirds of the country almost all the countries in Latin America were controlled by dictators
2 (restrain) [+crowd, child, animal, disease] controlar; [+fire, emotions, temper] controlar; dominar
to control the spread of malaria contener la propagación de la malaria
I couldn't control my temper he struggled to control his emotions police were sent in to control the rioters three hundred policemen fought to control a crowd of three hundred thousand mourners can't you control your dog? scientists would soon be able to manipulate human genes to control the ageing process for centuries herbs were used to control pain the need to control environmental pollution it would take him years to control his drug habit the government wants to control population growth in large cities
to control o.s. controlarse; dominarse; control yourself! ¡contrólese!; ¡domínese!
Jo was advised to learn to control herself
3 (regulate) [+activity, prices, wages, expenditure] controlar; regular; [+traffic] dirigir
Ten thousand police controlled traffic and kept order as crowds lined the route controlling traffic at intersections and escorting ambulances Find out from your local council whether there are likely to be any roadworks along those roads on your wedding day and notify the police well beforehand so that they can send officers to control traffic if they think it necessary
legislation to control immigration legislación para controlar or regular la inmigración; he was trying to control the conversation estaba intentando llevar las riendas de la conversación
the controlled production of energy from sugar measures to control illegal mining you'll get fat unless you control what you eat they tried to control rising health care costs the Bank of England sets interest rates to control inflation
4 (operate) [+machine, vehicle] manejar; controlar; [+horse] controlar; dominar
a computerised system to control the gates the car jerked forward and she tugged at the wheel to control it
control column (n) palanca (f) de mando
control freak (n)
he's a total control freak tiene la manía de controlarlo todo
Most men are total control freaks. Challenges to the established order of their personal world terrify them.
control group (n) (in experiment) grupo (m) testigo
control key (n) (Comput) tecla (f) de control
control knob (n) (Rad) (TV) botón (m) de mando
control panel (n) tablero (m) de control
control room (n) (Mil) (Náut) sala (f) de mandos; (Rad) (TV) sala (f) de control
control tower (n) (Aer) torre (f) de control


Usage note
This word is often used in the plural in the sense shown in 8).
masculine noun
1. (power) 
a. control 
Este área está bajo el control del ejército.This area is under the control of the army.
2. (means of regulation) 
a. control 
Las políticas de control de la natalidad tienen un gran impacto en la vida de las mujeres.Birth control policies have a large impact on women's lives.
3. (examination) 
Los productos que se traen al país pasan por un control estricto.The products that are brought into the country go through a strict inspection.
b. check 
Los controles de calidad nos sirven para evaluar los resultados de nuestro trabajo.Quality checks are useful to assess the results of our work.
4. (device) 
a. control 
La reja se abre con un control automático.The gate opens with an automatic control.
5. (education) 
a. exam 
Creo que me fue bien en el control de matemáticas.I think I did well on the math exam.
6. (medicine) 
a. test 
El control antidoping de los jugadores dio negativo.The drug test given to the players came back negative.
7. (security check) 
Pasamos por un control en la carretera pero no tuvimos problemas.We went through a checkpoint in the highway but we had no problems.
b. roadblock 
La policía montó controles en las salidas de la carretera para buscar a los fugitivos.The police set up roadblocks on the highway exits to look for the fugitives.
8. (instrument panel) 
a. controls 
Hay que configurar los controles de este avión.We need to configure the controls of this airplane.
1. (dominio) 
a. control 
bajo controlunder control
fuera de controlout of control
perder el controlto lose one's temper
2. (economics) 
a. no direct translation 
control de cambiosexchange control
control de la natalidadbirth control
3. (verificación) 
a. examination, inspection 
todos los productos pasan un riguroso controlall the products are rigorously inspected o examined
(bajo) control médico(under) medical supervision
control antidopingdope o drugs test
control de calidadquality control
control de existenciasstock control
4. (aviation) 
a. no direct translation 
control del tráfico aéreoair traffic control
5. (de policía) 
a. checkpoint 
control de pasaportespassport control
6. (examen) 
a. test 
b. quiz (United States) 
7. (mando) 
a. control 
el control del encendido/apagadothe on/off switch
control remotoremote control
1 (dominio, vigilancia) control
nunca pierde el control he never loses control
no tengo ningún control sobre sus actos tenía muy buen control sobre el balón no hay dinero porque se ha gastado sin control
bajo control under control
todo está bajo control estar bajo el control de algn o algo Toda la Banca está bajo su control la zona del norte de Irak está bajo el control total de las tropas turcas
fuera de control out of control
el avión quedó fuera de control mucho más peligrosa es una inflación fuera de control
perder el control to lose control (of o.s.); hacerse con el control de algo to take control o charge of sth; control de o sobre sí mismo self-control
se hizo con el contol de la empresa nos hicimos con el control de la situación perdió el control y se puso a gritar perdí el control del volante perdimos el control de la situación
control armamentista arms control
control de alquileres rent control
control de calidad quality control
control de cambio exchange control
control de costos cost control
control de créditos credit control
control de existencias stock control
control de la circulación traffic control
un dispositivo especial de vigilancia y control del tráfico nocturno durante los fines de semana
control de la demanda demand management
control de la natalidad birth control
control del tráfico traffic control
un dispositivo especial de vigilancia y control del tráfico nocturno durante los fines de semana
control de natalidad birth control
control de precios price control
control nuclear nuclear inspection
control presupuestario budget control
los sistemas de control de tráfico aéreo en Europa el uso de anticonceptivos requiere un control médico permanente las anfetaminas deben administrarse bajo control médico
2 (inspección) (Jur) inspection; check
procedieron a realizar un control del recinto
(Com) (Economía) audit; auditing
le van a hacer un control de las cuentas la casa estaba sometida a un fuerte control policial el control del tráfico aquí no existe control de velocidad llevar el control de algo lleva el control de las faltas de asistencia lleva el control de los gastos
3 (puesto) (also control de carretera) roadblock;(also control de frontera) frontier checkpoint
pasamos por el control y no detectaron el arma montaron varios controles en la ruta por donde tenían que pasar los ciclistas
montar un control to set up a roadblock
control de pasaportes passport inspection
oficina de control de pasaportes
4 [de un aparato] control
el control del brillo se puso al control de los mandos del avión el televisor funciona a control remoto a los controles, nuestro compañero Miguel
control del volumen volume control
control de tonalidad tone control
control remoto remote control
5 (examen) (Educación) test
un control de literatura mañana tenemos un control de Matemáticas
6 (Med) test
me tengo que hacer un control del nivel de colesterol
control antidopaje drugs test; dope test
Dieron positivo en el control antidoping la suspensión por cuatro años que le fue impuesta por falsear un control antidopaje.
control antidoping drug test; dope test
control de alcoholemia Breathalyser test;&trade
el conductor mostraba claros síntomas de embriaguez aunque no se le pudo practicar el control de alcoholemia debido a la importancia de sus heridas tras dar negativo en el control de alcoholemia,llevaron al ambulatorio donde un médico certificó que conducía bajo los efectos de una dosis de heroína Detenido un conductor ebrio que conducía en sentido contrario La Policía Municipal le interceptó en el paseo de Extremadura y dio positivo en el control de alcoholemia la policía ha comenzado a realizar controles de alcoholemia en todas las autopistas la Policía Municipal instaló el habitual dispositivo de control de alcoholemia en las principales calles de la ciudad
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