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sustantivo [ˈkɒntrækt]
1. contrato (m)
  • to break one's contract incumplir el contrato
  • to be under contract estar contratado(a)
  • to enter into a contract firmar un contrato
  • to take out a contract on somebody contratar a un asesino para matar a alguien (hire assassin)
  • contract killer asesino(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) a sueldo
verbo transitivo [kənˈtrækt]
2. contraer (illness)
  • to contract debts contraer deudas
  • to contract to do something firmar un contrato para hacer algo
  • to contract somebody to do something contratar a alguien para hacer algo
intransitive verb
3. contraerse (shrink)
1 (document) contrato (m)
contract of employment or service contrato (m) de trabajo
breach of contract incumplimiento (m) de contrato
by contract por contrato
to enter into a contract (with sb) (to do sth/for sth) firmar un contrato (con algn) (para hacer algo/de algo)
to place a contract with dar un contrato a
to sign a contract firmar un contrato
to put work out to contract sacar una obra a contrato
to be under contract to do sth hacer algo bajo contrato
they are under contract to X tienen contrato con X; tienen obligaciones contractuales con X
there's a contract out for him le han puesto precio
transitive verb
1 (acquire) [+disease, debt] contraer; [+habit] tomar; adquirir
2 (enter into) [+alliance] entablar; establecer; [+marriage] contraer
3 (Ling) (shorten) contraer
intransitive verb
1 (become smaller) [+metal] contraerse; encogerse
2 [+muscles, face] contraerse
3 (Ling) [+word, phrase] contraerse
4 (Comm)
to contract (with sb) to do sth comprometerse por contrato (con algn) a hacer algo; to contract for contratar
contract bridge (n) bridge (m) de contrato
contract date (n) fecha (f) contratada; fecha (f) de contrato
contract killer (n) asesino (m) a sueldo
contract killing (n) asesinato (m) pagado
...a drug-related contract killing
contract price (n) precio (m) contractual; precio (m) contratado
contract work (n) trabajo (m) bajo contrato
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