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intransitive verb
1. to appear (información) (en in), to figure (en in)
  • su nombre no consta en esta listahis name is not on o does not appear on this list
  • hacer constar algoto put something on record
  • me consta que…I am quite sure that…
  • que conste que…let it be clearly understood that…, let there be no doubt that…
  • yo no he sido, que constelet's get one thing clear, it wasn't me
2. (estar constituido por)
  • constar deto consist of
intransitive verb
1 (ser evidente)
consta que ... it is a fact that ...; me consta que ... I have evidence that ...
2 (aparecer, figurar)
constar (en) to appear (in); be given (in o on); no consta en el catálogo it isn't listed in the catalogue; en el carnet no consta su edad his age is not stated on the licence o license; (EEUU) y para que así conste ... and for the record ...; hacer constar to put on record; que consten los hechos let's put the record straight
que conste: que conste que no estoy de acuerdo for the record, I disagree; conste que yo no lo aprobé let it be clearly understood that I did not approve; que conste que lo hice por ti believe me, I did it for your own good
4 (componerse)
constar de to consist of; be composed of
5 (Literat) to scan
Verb Conjugations for constar
Gerund: constando
Participle: constado
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