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intransitive verb
1. (información) 
a. to appear 
b. to figure 
su nombre no consta en esta listahis name is not on o does not appear on this list
hacer constar algoto put something on record
me consta que…I am quite sure that…
que conste que…let it be clearly understood that…, let there be no doubt that…
yo no he sido, que constelet's get one thing clear, it wasn't me
2. (estar constituido por) 
constar deto consist of
intransitive verb
1 (ser evidente)
consta que ... it is a fact that ...; me consta que ... I have evidence that ...
2 (aparecer, figurar)
constar (en) to appear (in); be given (in o on); no consta en el catálogo it isn't listed in the catalogue; en el carnet no consta su edad his age is not stated on the licence o license; (EEUU) y para que así conste ... and for the record ...; hacer constar to put on record; que consten los hechos let's put the record straight
que conste: que conste que no estoy de acuerdo for the record, I disagree; conste que yo no lo aprobé let it be clearly understood that I did not approve; que conste que lo hice por ti believe me, I did it for your own good
4 (componerse)
constar de to consist of; be composed of
5 (Literat) to scan
Verb Conjugations for constar
Gerund: constando
Participle: constado
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