"consentir" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to allow, to permit (tolerar)
2. to spoil (mimar)
  • le consienten demasiado -> they let him have his own way too much
intransitive verb
  • consentir en algo/en hacer algo -> to agree to something/to do something
  • consintió en que se quedaran -> he agreed to let them stay

consentir [con-sen-teer’]
article & verb transitive
1. To consent, to agree.
  • Aqui no se consiente hablar -> they don’t let you speak
2. To comply, to acquiesce, to accede, to condescend, to admit.
  • La plata­ -> forma no consiente más peso, the platform will not bear any more weight
3. To believe for certain, to rely, to depend.
4. To coddle, spoil, overindulge children or servants.
verb neuter
5. To agree, to consent, to say yes; to give in. (Academy) (n)
  • Consentir en hacer algo -> to agree to
verb reflexive
6. To break, to give; to split, to crack.

1 (permitir) to allow; (tolerar) to tolerate
¡eso no se puede consentir! we can't have o allow that!; aquí no te consienten hablar they don't let you speak here; no te consiento que vayas I can't allow you to go
2 (soportar) to stand; bear
la plataforma no consiente más peso the platform will not bear o take any more weight; el abrigo consiente un arreglo más the overcoat will bear repairing once more
3 (mimar) to spoil
to agree; consent; say yes
consentir en hacer algo to agree to do sth
consentirse to break; give; give way

Verb Conjugations for "consentir" (go to to allow, to agree; to spoil)


yo consiento consentí consentía consentiría consentiré
consientes consentiste consentías consentirías consentirás
él/ella/Ud. consiente consintió consentía consentiría consentirá
nosotros consentimos consentimos consentíamos consentiríamos consentiremos
vosotros consentís consentisteis consentíais consentiríais consentiréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. consienten consintieron consentían consentirían consentirán
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