transitive verb
1. (to let) 
a. to allow 
Lo siento; mis papás no consienten que me vaya de vacaciones contigo.I'm sorry; my parents won't allow me to go on vacation with you.
b. to permit 
El ayuntamiento consintió el cambio de uso de suelo.The city council permitted the change in land use.
No tienes porque consentir que te hablen así.There's no reason for you to tolerate them speaking to you like that.
2. (to pamper) 
a. to spoil 
No debes consentirle tanto a tu hijo.You shouldn't spoil your son so much.
3. (to endure) 
a. to bear 
Ese estante no consiente más carga.That shelf won't bear any more weight.
intransitive verb
4. (to concur) 
El hecho de que no te opusiste implica que consientes.The fact that you didn't object implies that you consent.
b. to agree 
Ahora que todos han consentido, podemos poner el plan en marcha.Now that everyone has agreed, we can put the plan in action.
transitive verb
1. (tolerar) 
a. to allow, to permit 
2. (mimar) 
a. to spoil 
le consienten demasiadothey let him have his own way too much
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
consentir en algo/en hacer algoto agree to something/to do something
consintió en que se quedaranhe agreed to let them stay
transitive verb
1 (permitir) to allow; (tolerar) to tolerate
¡eso no se puede consentir! we can't have o allow that!; aquí no te consienten hablar they don't let you speak here; no te consiento que vayas I can't allow you to go
2 (soportar) to stand; bear
la plataforma no consiente más peso the platform will not bear o take any more weight; el abrigo consiente un arreglo más the overcoat will bear repairing once more
3 (mimar) to spoil
intransitive verb
to agree; consent; say yes
consentir en hacer algo to agree to do sth
pronominal verb
consentirse to break; give; give way
Verb Conjugations for consentir
Present Participle: consintiendo
Past Participle: consentido
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