conchudo, -a
1. shameless (informal) (desfachatado) (Andes, Mexican Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish); lazy (cómodo)
2. (informal) (oportunista)
  • es muy conchudo, -a -> he always has an eye for the main chance (Mexican Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish), he's a chancer (British)
3. (muy informal) (persona despreciable)
  • ser muy conchudo, -a -> to be a real jerk o (PerÚ, RP) dickhead (British)

conchudo [con-choo’-do, dah]
1. Scaly, crustaceous, ostraceous.
2. Cunning, crafty, close, reserved.
  • Conchuda -> f
3. Stubborn person. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
1.(And. Mex.) Shameless person, cheeky bastard.

conchudoa conchuda
(And) (S. Cone) sluggish; slow
1 (And) (S. Cone) (idiota) bloody idiot (muy_familiar); jerk (familiar); (EEUU)
2 (Puerto Rico) (persona terca) stubborn person; pigheaded person

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