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feminine noun
1. shell (de molusco)
2. tortoiseshell (carey)
3. cunt (vulgar) (vulva) (Andes, RP)
masculine or feminine noun
4. (vulgar)
  • concha de su madre motherfucker (Andes, RP)
1 (Zoología) shell
meterse en su concha to retire into one's shell
tener muchas conchas to be very sharp; be a sly one
tiene más conchas que un galápago he's as slippery as an eel
concha de perla (And) mother-of-pearl
note See culture box in entry camino.
2 (carey) tortoiseshell
3 [de porcelana] flake; chip
4 (Teat) prompt box
5 (And) (Caribe) (descaro) nerve; cheek (familiar)
¡qué concha la tuya! you've got a nerve!; you've got a cheek! (familiar)
6 (And) (pereza) sloth; sluggishness
7 (Latinoamérica)
¡concha(s) de tu madre! bastard! (vulgar); son of a bitch! (vulgar); (EEUU)
Este concha de su madre
8 (Caribe) (cartucho) cartridge case
9 (Caribe) (piel) peel; (corteza) bark
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