transitive verb
1. (to worry) 
a. preocupar 
I'm concerned we might not have enough gas to make it there.Me preocupa que no tengamos suficiente gasolina para llegar hasta allá.
2. (to involve) 
a. afectar 
Inflation concerns all of us.La inflación nos afecta a todos.
b. concernir 
As far as I'm concerned, you can sell the house whenever you want to.Por lo que a mí concierne, puedes vender la casa cuando quieras.
c. incumbir 
The captain’s decisions concern the entire crew.Las decisiones del capitán incumben a toda la tripulación.
d. referirse a 
As far as pensions are concerned, the new measures will only affect those who are under 65.Por lo que se refiere a las pensiones, las nuevas medidas afectarán sólo a los menores de 65 años.
3. (worry) 
a. la preocupación (F) 
The Minister of Health expressed his concern about the country's new cholera outbreak.El Ministro de Sanidad expresó su preocupación por el nuevo brote de cólera en el país.
4. (interest) 
a. el interés (M) 
The principal's main concern is student academic achievement.El interés principal de la directora es la excelencia académica de los estudiantes.
5. (business) 
a. el asunto (M) 
Whether I come or go is none of your concern.Que yo vaya o venga no es asunto tuyo.
6. (company) 
a. el negocio (M) 
This concern has been in business for 75 years now.Este negocio lleva ya 75 años en marcha.
1. (interest) 
a. el interés (M) 
it's no concern of mine/yoursno es de mi/tu incumbencia
of public concernde interés público
2. (worry, compassion) 
a. la preocupación (F) 
to give cause for concerndar motivos de preocupación
there is no cause for concernno hay motivo de preocupación
to show concernmostrar preocupación
3. (company) 
a. la empresa (F) 
transitive verb
4. (affect) 
a. concernir, incumbir 
to concern oneself with or about somethingpreocuparse de algo
as far as I'm concerned…por lo que a mí respecta…
to whom it may concerna quien pueda interesar
5. (worry) 
a. preocupar 
6. (be about) 
a. concernir, atañer 
it concerns your request for a transfertiene que ver con tu petición de traslado
concern [kənˈsɜːn]
1 (business) asunto (m)
it's no concern of yours no es asunto tuyo
technical aspects were the concern of the army de los aspectos técnicos se encargaba el ejército; los aspectos técnicos eran asunto del ejército
if they want to go ahead, that's their concern si quieren seguir adelante, es asunto suyo
he has a concern in the business
what concern is it of yours? ¿qué tiene que ver contigo?
to have concern [for] sth the DSS has overall concern for all levels of administration
2 (anxiety) preocupación (f)
his health is giving cause for concern su salud está dando motivo de preocupación
to express concern about sth expresar preocupación por algo
the European Community has expressed concern about political violence in Africa
it is a matter for concern that ... es motivo de preocupación el (hecho de) que ...
with an expression or a look of concern con cara preocupada or de preocupación
a [look] of concern he had an expression of concern on his face
there is concern that ... preocupa que ...
excessive concern with safety can be dangerous he looked at her with genuine concern without her care and concern he had no chance at all with growing concern Mandela's well being is also a major source of concern for the white government unemployment is a major source of concern for the government
3 (interest, regard) interés (m)
my main concern is the welfare of my children mi interés principal or lo que más me preocupa es el bienestar de mis hijos
feminism must address issues beyond the concerns of middle-class whites
it's of no concern to me me tiene sin cuidado; a mí no me importa
out of concern for her feelings, I didn't say anything no dije nada por no herir sus sentimientos
out of concern for the public's safety por la seguridad pública
he only went along out of concern for his grandsons how they are paid should be of little concern to the bank problems of common concern to humanity are energy and resource,health care and education an injury to a child is of great concern to us the survey's findings are a matter of great concern
4 (firm) negocio (m); empresa (f)
Queensbury Nursery was not a large concern, but it was successful
a family concern un negocio familiar
a going concern un negocio próspero; una empresa próspera
the farm is not a going concern la granja no es un buen negocio
the receivers always prefer to sell a business as a going concern the [whole] concern
transitive verb
1 (affect) afectar; concernir
it concerns me directly me afecta or concierne directamente; it doesn't concern you at all no te afecta or concierne para nada
health issues concern us all
2 (interest, involve)
please contact the department concerned póngase en contacto con la sección correspondiente
to be concerned
it is best for all concerned es lo mejor para todas las partes interesadas
he was concerned in peace talks as [far] as where sth/sb is concerned where as far as women are concerned as far as starting a family is concerned, the trend is for women to have children later in life the climb will involve no risk as far as you're concerned
as far as I am concerned por or en lo que a mí se refiere; por or en lo que a mí respecta
she can go to hell as far as I'm concerned por mí se puede ir a la porra (informal); por or en lo que a mí respecta se puede ir a la porra (informal); I was just another student as far as he was concerned para él yo no era más que otra estudiante
where men are concerned she's just not interested as far as I'm concerned, the officials incited the fight
to concern o.s. with sth
I didn't concern myself with politics no me metí en política; don't concern yourself with things you can do nothing about no te preocupes por cosas que están fuera de tu alcance
I didn't concern myself with the running of the house he concern himself with the humdrum, tedious demands of public relations
those concerned los interesados
to whom it may concern a quien corresponda
to be concerned with sth
essential reading for anyone concerned with children lecturas fundamentales para cualquiera al que le interesen los niños; they are mainly concerned with maximizing profits su interés principal es maximizar los beneficios
we are concerned with facts
3 (be about)
my question concerns money mi pregunta hace referencia al dinero
the bulk of the book concerns Sandy's two middle-aged children
chapter two is concerned with the civil war el capítulo dos trata de la guerra civil
\nowadays restaurant design is especially concerned with how rooms sound\, a noisy room connoting conviviality and popularity, a quieter one presenting a more sedate image Ley's book is concerned with dreams and Jungian theory
4 (worry) preocupar
it concerns me that ... me preocupa el hecho de que ...
it concerned her that Bess was developing a crush on Max
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to whom it may concern 
a quien corresponda 
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