Compromise in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. solución (f) negociada or intermedia
  • to reach a compromise alcanzar una solución intermedia
transitive verb
2. poner en peligro
  • to compromise oneself ponerse en una situación comprometida
  • he compromised his principles traicionó sus principios
intransitive verb
3. transigir, hacer concesiones
compromise [ˈkɒmprəmaɪz]
1 (agreement) arreglo (m); solución (f) intermedia
to reach a compromise (over sth) llegar a un arreglo (sobre algo)
2 (giving in) transigencia (f)
there can be no compromise with treason no transigimos con la traición
intransitive verb
1 (reach an agreement) llegar a un arreglo
so we compromised on seven así que, ni para uno ni para otro, convinimos en siete
2 (give in) transigir; transar; (LAm)
to compromise with sb over sth transigir con algn sobre algo; to agree to compromise (with sb) avenirse a transigir (con algn); in the end I agreed to compromise terminé dando mi brazo a torcer
And since then he's repeatedly urged the Lithuanians to agree to compromise with Moscow and bring an end to the blockade. came amid growing political tension between the opposition and the government and the suspension of the work of the conference by President Eyadema. Now it appears that both sides have agreed to compromise.
transitive verb
1 (endanger safety of) poner en peligro
2 (bring under suspicion) [+reputation, person] comprometer
to compromise o.s. comprometerse
[+decision, solution] intermedio
Verb Conjugations for comprometer
Gerund: comprometiendo
Participle: comprometido
yome comprometome comprometíme comprometíame comprometeríame comprometeré
te comprometeste comprometistete comprometíaste comprometeríaste comprometerás
él/ella/ comprometese comprometióse comprometíase comprometeríase comprometerá
nosotrosnos comprometemosnos comprometimosnos comprometíamosnos comprometeríamosnos comprometeremos
vosotrosos comprometéisos comprometisteisos comprometíaisos comprometeríaisos comprometeréis
ellos/ellas/ comprometense comprometieronse comprometíanse comprometeríanse comprometerán
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