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1. completo(a) (lacking nothing)
  • the complete works of… las obras completas de…
2. terminado(a), acabado(a) (finished)
  • the work is now complete el trabajo ya está terminado
3. total, absoluto(a) (total, thorough)
  • a complete turnaround in the situation un vuelco total de la situación
  • it came as a complete surprise fue una sorpresa absoluta
  • she is a complete fool es tonta de remate
  • he's a complete stranger es un completo desconocido
transitive verb
4. completar, terminar
  • to complete a form rellenar un impreso
complete [kəmˈpliːt]
1 (whole) entero
a complete office block was burnt to the ground un bloque de oficinas entero quedó reducido a cenizas
We were invited to design a complete city from scratch The job sheets eventually filled a complete book
2 (finished) terminado
the work of restoring the farmhouse is complete la restauración de la granja está terminada
...blocks of luxury flats, complete but half-empty The harvesting of groundnuts was complete my report is still not complete
3 (total) [+control, lack] total; absoluto; [+change] total; [+surprise] auténtico
in complete agreement totalmente de acuerdo; en completo acuerdo
in complete contrast to sth/sb todo lo contrario que algo/algn
it's a complete disaster es un completo desastre; es un desastre total
the man's a complete idiot es un auténtico idiota
it is a complete mistake to think that ... es totalmente erróneo pensar que ...
he is the complete opposite of me no nos parecemos en nada
to my complete satisfaction para mi completa or total satisfacción
The rebels had taken complete control You need a complete change of diet The resignation came as a complete surprise The issue has now been resolved to the complete satisfaction of both parties she is exuberant and self-confident,/ in complete contrast to/ her father the final exam was easy and straightforward, in complete contrast to the mock exam
4 (full) [+list, set, group] completo
now our little group is complete again
the Complete Works of Shakespeare las Obras Completas de Shakespeare; at last her happiness was complete por fin, su dicha era completa; no garden is complete without a bed of rose bushes ningún jardín puede considerarse completo si no tiene un arriate de rosales
this is not a complete list
5 (all-round) [+novelist, footballer] completo; perfecto
he is the complete film-maker es el director de cine completo or perfecto
complete with:a mansion complete with swimming pool una mansión con piscina y todo; he arrived complete with equipment llegó con todo su equipo; the diary comes complete with a ballpoint pen la agenda viene con bolígrafo incluido; it comes complete with instructions viene con sus correspondientes instrucciones
a house complete with furniture
transitive verb
1 (make up) [+set, collection, team] completar; [+misfortune, happiness] colmar
a grey silk tie completed the outfit una corbata de seda gris completaba el conjunto
The team organizer and one or two of the voluntary workers complete the Committee.
2 (finish) [+work] terminar; acabar; [+contract] cumplir; llevar a cabo
the course takes three years to complete se tarda tres años en hacer el curso; to complete a prison sentence cumplir una pena de cárcel
3 (fill in) [+form, questionnaire] rellenar
complete the application form rellene la solicitud
transitive verb
1. to complete
pronominal verb
1. to be completed
transitive verb
1 (terminar) to complete; finish; (perfeccionar) to finish off; round off; (México) to match
me falta un sello para completar la serie I need one stamp to complete the series
me faltan dos piezas para completar el puzzle
completó su formación en varias universidades norteamericanas she finished off her education at a number of American universities
la soprano completó su actuación con un aria de Rigoletto Albéniz y un resumen de los "hobbys" de los diputados completan el programa Se completó el programa con Siete fantasías, op. 116 de J. Brahms la actuación se completó con una sinfonía de Mozart
2 [+pérdida] to make good
Verb Conjugations for completar
Gerund: completando
Participle: completado
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