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intransitive verb
1. quejarse (about de)
  • to complain of estar aquejado(a) de (symptoms)
  • she complained that he had cheated se quejó de que él había hecho trampa
  • I can't complain about the service no tengo queja alguna del servicio
  • how are things? — I can't complain ¿cómo van las cosas? — no me puedo quejar
complain [kəmˈpleɪn]
intransitive verb
1 (grumble) quejarse;about, of de;to a
to complain that quejarse de que; they complained to the neighbours se quejaron a los vecinos; I can't complain yo no me quejo
2 (make a formal complaint) reclamar;about por;to ante
we're going to complain to the manager vamos a reclamar al director; you should complain to the police tendrías que denunciarlo a la policía
3 (Med)
to complain of quejarse de
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