masculine noun
1. mate (informal) (amigo) (British), buddy (United States)

compadre [com-pah’-drary]
1. Godfather, the word by which the godfather and godmother address the father of their godson or daughter, and by which the father and mother address him. (m)
2. Protector, benefactor. (m)
3. Friend. (m)
4. (Cono Sur) Braggart; show-off (engreído); bully (matón).

1 (padrino) godfather
2 especialmente (Latinoamérica) (amigo) friend; pal (familiar); buddy (familiar); especialmente (EEUU) (en oración directa) friend
3 (S. Cone) (jactancioso) braggart; loudmouth; (engreído) show-off (familiar); (matón) bully

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