masculine noun
1. cumin, cummin (planta)
  • me importa un comino (informal figurative) -> I don't give a damn
  • no vale un comino (informal figurative) -> it isn't worth tuppence

comino [co-mee’-no]
1. Cumin plant, cuminseed. (Botany) (m)
  • Cominos -> cuminseed
  • No val -> or no monta un comino, it is not worth tuppence
  • No se me da un comino -> (Coll.) It’s not worth a damn
  • No me importa un comino -> I don’t care two hoots

cumin; cumin seed
no vale un comino it's not worth tuppence
(no) me importa un comino
no se me da un comino
I couldn't give a toss (muy_familiar); I couldn't care less;de about

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