feminine noun
1. (picor)
  • tener comezón -> to have an itch
  • tengo comezón en la nariz -> I've got an itchy nose
2. twinge (remordimiento); urge, itch (deseo)

comezón [co-may-thone’]
1. Itch or itching. (f)
  • Siento comezón en el brazo -> my arm itches
2. The anxiety or trouble of mind produced by a longing desire. (Metaphorical) (f)

1 (picor) itch; itching; [de calor] tingle; tingling sensation
siento comezón en el brazo my arm itches; my arm is tingling
2 (inquietud) itch;por for
sentir comezón de hacer algo to feel an itch to do sth

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