come out
verbo intransitivo
1. salir (person, sun, magazine); estrenarse (film)
  • the truth will c out in the end -> al final se sabrá la verdad
  • to c out of an affair well/badly -> salir bien/mal parado(a) de un asunto
  • the photos have c out well -> las fotos han salido bien
  • to c out on strike -> declararse en huelga
  • she came out in a rash -> le salió un sarpullido
  • to c out in favor of/against something -> declararse a favor de/en contra de algo
  • to c out with an opinion -> expresar una opinión
2. caerse (tooth, screw, hair); salir, quitarse (stain)
3. declararse homosexual (as gay or lesbian)

come out [kam]
  • To come short of -> faltar, salir mal de, ser desafortunado
  • Come out with -> dar salida, dejar escapar, soltar aflojar
  • come on to -> pasar a
  • Come out 1 -> Salir (from inside, indoors)
  • To come out of something -> salir de algo
  • If you take this route, you come out at Park Lane -> por este camino se sale a Park Lane
1. Caerse (tooth, hair); salir (stain).
2. Salir (appear/sun, stars).
3. Salir (be said, spoken).
  • I tried to say it in French but it came out all wrong -> quise decirlo en francés, pero me salió mal
  • I didn’t mean to say it, it just came out -> no lo dije a propósito, se me escapó
4. Declararse (declare oneself).
  • To come out on strike -> declararse en huelga, ir a la huelga
5. Salir (be published, become available/newspaper, record, product).
6. Salir (have as outcome, total).
  • Everything came out right in the end -> al final todo salió bien
  • To come out well/badly -> salir bien/mal parado (fare, acquit oneself)
7. (Fot.) Salir.
  • come out in, I/she came out in spots -> me/le salieron granos
  • He came out in a cold sweat -> le entró un sudor frío
salir, trascender, parecer; apuntar el día, brotar las plantas; salir algo a luz: descubrirse o hacerse una cosa pública. Salir (from prison, hospital). Florecer, salir (flowers). Revelarse, salir a la luz (be revealed, emphasized/secret, truth). Destaparse, declararse abiertamente homosexual (as being gay).

come out
1 (emerge) [+person, object, sun, magazine] salir;of de; [+qualities] mostrarse; [+news] divulgarse; difundirse; [+scandal] descubrirse; salir a la luz; [+film] estrenarse
we came out of the cinema at ten salimos del cine a las diez; her book comes out in May su libro sale en mayo; the idea came out of an experiment la idea surgió a raíz de un experimento; he came out of it with credit salió con honor
2 (open) [+flower] abrirse; florecer
3 (into the open) [+debutante] ser presentada en sociedad; ponerse de largo; [+homosexual] declararse
to come out on strike declararse en huelga; to come out for/against sth declararse en pro/en contra de algo
4 [+stain] (be removed) quitarse; [+dye] (run) desteñirse
I don't think this stain will come out no creo que esta mancha se vaya a quitar
5 (become covered with)
he came out in a rash le salió un sarpullido; he came out in spots le salieron granos; I came out in a sweat empecé a sudar; me cubrí de sudor
6 (in conversation)
to come out with a remark salir con un comentario; you never know what he's going to come out with next! ¡nunca se sabe por dónde va a salir!
7 (turn out) salir
it all came out right todo salió bien; none of my photos came out no salió ninguna de mis fotos; you always come out well in photos siempre sales bien en las fotos; it comes out at £5 a head sale a 5 libras por cabeza

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