come on to

come on to
transitive verb phrase
1. (to make advances toward) 
I honestly don't think he was trying to come on to you; I think he's just a really friendly person.Honestamente no creo que se te estuviera insinuando; me parece simplemente que es una persona muy amable.
2. (to touch on) (United Kingdom) 
a. pasar a 
Abby became rather nervous when we came on to the subject of the missing inventory.Abby se puso bastante inquieta cuando pasamos al tema de las existencias que faltaban.
come on to
intransitive verb
1 (start discussing) [+question, topic, issue] pasar a
I'll come on to that in a moment I'm coming on to that next de eso hablaré en seguida
2 especially (US) (sexually) tirar los tejos a (informal); insinuarse a
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