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1. (medicine)
a. el coma (M)
The patient went into a coma after the accident.La paciente entró en coma tras el accidente.
1. coma (m)
  • to go into/be in a coma entrar en/estar en coma
coma [ˈkəʊmə]
coma (m)
to be in a coma estar en (estado de) coma
Looking for the verb comer instead?
usage note
In Spanish, commas are used in place of the decimal point, such that the number "1,200" in English would be written "1.200" in Spanish.
masculine noun
1. coma (medicine)
  • en coma in a coma
feminine noun
2. comma (grammar)
  • sin faltar una coma (figurative) word for word
3. (Mat)
  • coma (decimal) ≅ decimal point
(Med) coma
en coma in a coma; entrar en (estado de) coma to go into a coma; salir del (estado de) coma to come out of the coma
coma diabético diabetic coma
coma profundo deep coma
1 (Tipografía) comma
sin faltar o sin saltarse una coma
recitó todo el poema sin saltarse una coma he recited the whole poem word perfect o without leaving out a single word
2 (Matemáticas) point Spanish uses a comma in place of a point; (Spanish uses a comma in place of a point)
doce coma cinco twelve point five
coma decimal decimal point
coma flotante floating point
3 (Música) comma
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