Usage note
This word may also be spelled “colour.”
1. (hue) 
a. el color (M) 
Her favorite color is teal.Su color preferido es el verde azulado.
The artist used all the colors of the rainbow in her painting.La artista utilizó todos los colores del arco iris en su pintura.
2. (skin color) 
a. el color (M) 
They don't discriminate based on the color or sexual preference of applicants.No discriminan basado en el color o preferencias sexuales de los aplicantes.
3. (crayon) 
Why don't you bring your colors and draw me a doggy?¿Por qué no traes tus crayones y me dibujas un perrito?
4. (having color) 
a. a color 
My grandparents still remember the days before color TVs.Mis abuelos todavía se acuerdan de los días antes de las televisiones a color.
transitive verb
5. (to apply color) 
a. colorear 
The children colored pictures for their parents.Los niños colorearon imágenes para sus padres.
1. (general) 
a. el color (M) 
what color is it?¿de qué color es?
color bardiscriminación f racial
color codecódigo de colores
color schemecombinación de colores
color supplementsuplemento m en color
2. (person) 
a. no direct translation 
to give color to a storydar colorido a una historia
let's see the color of your moneyveamos primero el dinero
to pass with flying colorsaprobar con todos los honores
to show oneself in one's true colorsquitarse la máscara
she nailed her colors to the mastmanifestó públicamente su postura
transitive verb
3. (change color of) 
a. colorear 
4. (fig) 
a. influir en (judgment, view) 
to color one's hairteñirse el pelo
to color something bluepintar or colorear algo de azul
intransitive verb
5. (blush) 
a. ruborizarse 
color [ˈkʌləʳ]
transitive verb
intransitive verb
color (US)
1 (shade) color (m)
what colour is it? ¿de qué color es?; they come in different colours los hay de varios colores
her silk dress was sky-blue, the colour of her eyes what's your favourite colour?
to change colour cambiar or mudar de color
a dark/light colour
it was green in colour era de color verde
the dress was green [in] colour
as time goes by my memories take on a different colour con el paso de los años mis recuerdos van tomando otro color
let's see the colour of your money! ¡a ver la pasta! (informal)
he made a mental note never to enter into conversation with a customer until he'd at least seen the colour of his money
2 (colourfulness) color (m)
splashes of colour salpicones (f) or notas (f) de color; what this room needs is a touch of colour lo que este cuarto necesita es un toque de color; in colour (TV) (Cine) en color
it was a remake, in colour, of an old black and whitemovie was it in colour? you can go home afterwards and watch Inspector Morse in colour
3 (dye, paint, pigment) color (m)
the latest lip and eye colours los últimos colores para labios y ojos
4 (complexion) color (m)
the colour drained from his face palideció; se le fue el color de la cara; the colour rose to her face se le subieron los colores
he recovered from the shock and his colour returned her face, normally a good colour, was pale with fury
to put the colour back in sb's cheeks devolverle el color or los colores a algn
the relief of knowing their love was safe again had put the color back in her cheeks
to be off colour estar indispuesto
5 (race) color (m)
he said that colour and ethnic origins were utterly irrelevant I don't care what colour she is
people of colour (US) personas (f) de color
black people spoke up to defend the rights of all people of colour dye, paint, pigment the Body Shop Herbal Hair Colour it's better to avoid all food colours the latest lip and eye colours she was always changing the colour of her hair
6 colours [of country, team] colores (m); (flag) bandera (f); (Mil) estandarte (m)
the Hungarian national colours los colores húngaros; (flag) la bandera húngara; to salute the colours saludar a la bandera; the battalion's colours el estandarte del batallón; he was wearing the team's colours vestía los colores del equipo
with flying colours
she passed her exams with flying colours aprobó los exámenes con unas notas excelentes; he has come out of all the tests with flying colours ha salido airoso de todas las pruebas
to nail one's colours to the mast
he nailed his colours to the mast hizo constar sus opiniones
I'll nail my colours firmly to the mast on this subject I've learned to be more tactful and to keep my thoughts and aspirations under wraps because I see it as counterproductive.Sometimes, however, it's difficult to resist the urge to nail one's colours to the mast to nail one's colours to sb's mast he's nailed his colours firmly to Mr Gorbachev's mast Mr Major has at last nailed his colours to the European mast to [see] sth/sb in its/his true colours
to show one's true colours
show o.s. in one's true colours
demostrar cómo se es de verdad
the children are seeing him in his true colours for the first time the organisation has had time to show its true colours the PLO has showed its true colors by backing the fiercely anti-Israel Saddam Hussein
7 (authenticity, vividness) color (m); colorido (m)
an article full of local colour un artículo lleno de colorido local
she gave meaning and colour to his life she was travelling, to add depth and colour to her novels the film was full of period colour
8 (pretext)
under the colour of ... bajo la apariencia de ...
[under] the colour of charity they gather weapons for their fight he was charged with using excessive force under the colour of authority there was sufficient evidence to retry Powell on the charge of assault under color of authority their recent activities give some colour to this view the apparent inactivity on the Western front gave some colour to this view
9 (Mús) (also tone colour) timbre (m)
her voice has a wonderful dark colour in this passage we need a complete change of colour - from that pure choirboy-type sound to a gutsy, chest voice
transitive verb
1 (apply colour to) [+picture] (with paint) pintar; (with crayons) colorear
we've been making cakes and colouring the posters
2 (dye, tint) teñir
to colour one's hair teñirse or tintarse el pelo
the saffron colours the rice yellow to colour sth green the golden light of the sunset coloured the scene chemicals are used to colour red wines
3 (influence) influir en
his politics are coloured by his upbringing sus opiniones políticas están influenciadas por su educación
the effects of depression can colour our whole outlook negative images of Ireland colour people's opinions the attitude of parents must colour the way children approach school immigrants to this country are beginning to colour British society perception of pain is highly coloured by the mind stories of the jungle, coloured by a vivid imagination social creatures whose lives are highly coloured if not ruled by personal relationships
you must not allow it to colour your judgement no debes permitir que influya en tu juicio
many people think that, as boss, you should not make friends with, or have social contact with, your business colleagues as it may colour your judgement or undermine your leadership his case has been highlighted because he is one of the Hillsborough disaster's many victims. That must not colour the judgment of the doctors treating him
intransitive verb
1 (blush) ponerse colorado; sonrojarse
2 (change colour) tomar color
fry the onion until it begins to colour fría la cebolla hasta que empiece a coger color
the vegetables must fry, but not colour
3 (with crayons) [+child] colorear
he happily spends hours colouring
[+film, photograph, slide] en or a color; (LAm)
colour bar (n) barrera (f) racial
a programme which claimed that the Association of Conservative Clubs was operating a colour bar in its recruitment of secretaries
colour blindness (n) daltonismo (m)
colour filter (n) (Fot) filtro (m) de color
colour guard (n) (Mil) portaestandarte (m)
colour line (n) barrera (f) de color
colour match (n) coordinación (f) de colores
take along a scrap of the fabric to ensure a good colour match if you've searched in vain for the perfect color match for a dressy outfit you may also send a fabric swatch for the best color match if you're ordering trim, thread, or buttons
colour prejudice (n) prejuicio (m) racial
colour scheme (n) combinación (f) de colores
colour sergeant (n) (Mil) sargento (m) portaestandarte
colour supplement (n) (Journalism) suplemento (m) a color
colour television (n) televisión (f) en color; televisión (f) a color; (LAm)


masculine noun
1. (hue) 
a. color (United States) 
Cambié el color de las paredes a azul marino.I changed the color of the walls to navy blue.
b. colour (United Kingdom) 
Mis colores favoritos son el verde y el borgoña.My favorite colours are green and burgundy.
2. (paint) 
a. color (United States) 
Puse mis colores en la paleta y empecé a pintar.I added my colors to the palette and started to paint.
b. colour (United Kingdom) 
Todos los críticos de arte en la galería elogiaron a María por su uso del color.The art critics at the gallery all praised Maria for her use of colour.
3. (look) 
a. color (United States) 
El pollo no tiene buen color. Creo que no debemos comerlo.The chicken doesn't have a good color. I don't think we should eat it.
b. colour (United Kingdom) 
El salmón a la parrilla tiene muy buen color y sabe delicioso.The grilled salmon has a great colour and tastes delicious.
4. (race) 
a. color (United States) 
En la metrópoli conviven personas de todas las razas y colores.People of every race and color live in the metropolis.
b. colour (United Kingdom) 
El empleador me discriminó por mi sexo y mi color.The employer discriminated against me for my gender and colour.
5. (figurative) (embellishment) 
a. color (figurative) (United States) 
Luis siempre le añade detalles y color a sus historias para hacerlas más interesantes.Luis always adds details and color to his stories to make them more interesting.
b. colour (figurative) (United Kingdom) 
Carlos estaba maravillado por el sonido y el color del carnaval.Carlos was amazed at the sound and colour of the carnival.
6. (card games) 
a. suit 
Gana el jugador que junte todas las cartas del mismo color.The player who collects all the cards from the same suit wins.
7. (magnitude) (Venezuela) 
a. size 
En la selva, encontramos unas huellas con el mismo color que las de un elefante.We found footprints in the jungle that were the same size as an elephant's.
8. (spice) (Colombia) (Venezuela) 
a. turmeric 
Añádeles un poco de color y agua a las lentejas y déjalas hervir a fuego lento.Add some turmeric and water to the lentils and let them simmer.
plural noun
9. (coloring instrument) 
a. colored pencils (United States) 
Nicolás tomó unos colores de su estuche y comenzó a dibujar un águila.Nicolas took some colored pencils from his pencil case and started drawing an eagle.
b. coloured pencils (United Kingdom) 
A mi hija le encanta dibujar con colores.My daughter loves drawing with coloured pencils.
c. crayons 
Hice el bosquejo con lápiz y lo pinté con colores.I drew the sketch with a pencil and colored it with crayons.
10. (insignia) 
a. colors (United States) 
Mostramos nuestro apoyo vistiendo los colores de la bandera de Francia.We showed our support wearing the colors of the French flag.
b. colours (United Kingdom) 
Los colores nacionales de Argentina son el celeste y el blanco.The national colours of Argentina are light blue and white.
11. (sports) 
a. colors (United States) 
Los futbolistas están orgullosos de representar los colores de su equipo.The footballers are proud of representing the colors of their team.
b. colours (United Kingdom) 
Todos los fanáticos en el estadio vestían los colores de sus equipos.All the fans in the stadium were wearing the colours of their teams.
1. (que se ve) 
a. color 
¿de qué color?what color?
es de color azulit's blue
a todo colorin full color
de colorescolorful
televisión en colorcolor television
colores complementarioscomplementary colors
color primarioprimary color
2. (aspecto) 
a. tone 
no tienes muy buen coloryou look a bit off-color
3. (para pintar) 
a. paint 
colorescolored pencils
4. (en los naipes) 
a. suit 
5. (raza) 
a. color 
sin distinción de credo ni colorregardless of creed or color
de colorcolored
6. (bandera, camiseta) 
a. no direct translation 
los colores nacionalesthe national colors
defender los colores del Académicoto play for Académico
7. (expresiones) 
a. no direct translation 
dar color a algoto color something in
8. (colloquial) (Spain) 
a. no direct translation 
no hay colorit's no contest
sacarle o salirle a alguien los colores (a la cara)to make somebody blush
ver las cosas de color de rosato see things through rose-colored o rose-tinted spectacles
1 (coloración) colour; color; (EEUU)
los colores del arco iris the colours of the rainbow; el color azul blue; ¿de qué color es? what colour is it?; ¿de qué color tiene los ojos? what colour are her eyes?; what colour eyes does she have?; es de color verde it's green; una falda (de) color rojo a red skirt; un traje (de) color canela a cinnamon-coloured suit; lo quisiera en color verde I'd like it in green
el camaleón cambia de color
a color colour; color; (EEUU)
fotocopias a color colour photocopying; a todo color full-colour
dar color a algo to colour sth in
le dio color al dibujo he coloured in the drawing
de color
ropa de color coloured o colored clothes; (EEUU) viste de color she wears coloured clothes
en color colour
película en color colour film; televisión en color colour television
tomar o coger color
esa tela no ha tomado o cogido bien el color that material has not dyed at all well; cuando la cebolla haya tomado color when the onion has gone o turned golden brown; el proyecto empieza a tomar o coger color the project is starting to take shape
color apagado subdued colour
color pastel pastel colour
color primario primary colour
2 [de la cara] colour; color; (EEUU)
ha cogido buen color en la playa
tener buen color to have good colour; tener mal color to look off colour
ponerse de mil colores to go bright red
sacar los colores a algn to make sb blush
le salieron los colores she blushed; she flushed red
en un momento le subieron los colores
3 (raza) colour; color; (EEUU)
sin distinción de sexo o color regardless of sex or colour; persona de color coloured person
4 (tipismo)
la feria ha perdido el color de antaño the festival has lost the flavour o flavor o feel it used to have; (EEUU)
color local local colour
de color de rosa
lo describió todo de color de rosa she described it all in very rosy terms; verlo todo de color de rosa to see everything through rose-tinted o rose-coloured spectacles
su vida es de color de rosa
la vida no es de color de rosa life isn't all roses
no hay color there's no comparison
subido de color [+chiste] risqué; [+discusión] heated
6 colores(also lápices de colores) coloured pencils; crayons
una caja de colores a box of coloured pencils o crayons
7 colores (Dep) colours
una bufanda con los colores del Barcelona a scarf with the Barcelona colours; los colores nacionales the national colours
8 (cosmético) blusher; rouge
ponerse color to put on blusher o rouge
se puso un poco de color en las mejillas para aparentar mejor salud
9 (interés) colour
el partido no tuvo color the game lacked colour
so color de under pretext of
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