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1. (general)
a. el payaso (M)
The clown at the party was very funny.El payaso en la fiesta fue muy cómico.
2. (slang)
a. el mamarracho (M) (pejorative)
That guy is a clown, I don't like him.Ese tipo es un mamarracho, no me gusta.
intransitive verb
3. (to joke around)
a. bromear (with "around")
I do not tolerate clowning around in my class. No soporto bromear en mi clase.
b. payasear (with "around")
I'm not clowning around. Eat your dinner or you don't get dessert! No estoy payaseando. ¡Cómete la cena o no tienes postre!
c. hacer el payaso ("with around") (Spain)
I can't take you seriously when you clown around. No te puedo tomar en serio cuando haces el payaso.
1. payaso (m) (in circus)
  • to act the clown hacer el payaso
intransitive verb
  • to clown about or around hacer el payaso
clown [klaʊn]
1 (in circus) payasoapayasa (m) (f);a payasa clown (m)
to make a clown of o.s. hacer el ridículo
2 patán (m); zoquete (m)
intransitive verb
(also clown about or around) hacer el payaso
stop clowning! ¡déjate de tonterías!
(pl clowns)
[ˈklaun, ˈkloun]
masculine noun
1. clown
clown [klawn]
clowns (plural) [klawn] clown
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