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plural noun
1. ropa (f)
  • to put one's clothes on vestirse, ponerse la ropa
  • to take one's clothes off quitarse or sacarse la ropa, desvestirse (Am)
  • clothes brush cepillo (m) para la ropa
  • clothes hanger percha (f)
  • clothes horse tendedero (m) (plegable)
  • clothes line cuerda (f) de tender la ropa
  • clothes
  • peg
  • pin pinza (f) de la ropa (británicoor Estados Unidos)
clothes [kləʊðz]
plural noun
ropa (f); vestidos (m)
to put one's clothes on vestirse; ponerse la ropa; to take one's clothes off quitarse la ropa; desvestirse
clothes basket (n) canasta (f) de la ropa sucia
clothes brush (n) cepillo (m) de la ropa
clothes drier clothes dryer (n) secadora (f)
clothes hanger (n) percha (f); gancho (m); (LAm)
clothes horse (n) tendedero (m) plegable; (US) (model) modelo (m)
she's a clothes horse (US) está obsesionada con los trapos (informal)
clothes line (n) cuerda (f) para (tender) la ropa
clothes moth (n) polilla (f)
clothes peg clothes pin (US) (n) pinza (f) de la ropa
clothes rack (n) tendedero (m)
clothes rope (n)
clothes line See culture box in entry clothes.
clothes shop (n) tienda (f) (de ropa)
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