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1. clip (m) sujetapapeles m inv (for paper)
transitive verb
2. sujetar (con un clip) (attach)
intransitive verb
  • the two pieces clip together las dos piezas se acoplan
1. (familiar) (blow)
  • to give somebody a clip on or round the ear darle a alguien (británico) un cachete or (español de España) una cachetada en la oreja (Am)
2. fragmento (m) (of film); avance (m) (of program)
(pt & pp clipped)
transitive verb
3. cortar (hair); podar (hedge); picar (ticket)
  • to clip somebody's wings (sentido figurado) cortar las alas a alguien
clip [klɪp]
1 (cut) tijeretazo (m); tijeretada (f); (shearing) esquila (f); esquileo (m); (wool) cantidad (f) de lana esquilada
2 (Cine) secuencia (f)
some clips from Kevin Costner's latest film unas secuencias de la última película de Kevin Costner
3 (blow) golpe (m); cachete (m)
at a (fast) clip (US) a toda pastilla
transitive verb
1 (cut) cortar; (cut to shorten) acortar; [+hedge] podar; [+ticket] picar;(also clip off) [+wool] trasquilar; esquilar; [+hair] recortar;(also clip out) [+article from newspaper] recortar; [+words] comerse; abreviar
to clip sb's wings cortar las alas a algn
2 (hit) golpear; dar un cachete a
clip joint (n) (US) bar (m) (muy caro)
clip [klɪp]
(clamp) grapa (f); (paper clip) sujetapapeles (m); clip (m); grampa (f); (S. Cone) [of pen] sujetador (m); (hair clip) horquilla (f); clip (m); (brooch) alfiler (m); clip (m); abrochador (m); (LAm) [of cyclist] pinza (f);
transitive verb
clip on
transitive verb
[+brooch] prender; sujetar; [+document] sujetar con un clip;
it clips on here se fija aquí (con clip)
clip together
transitive verb
(pl clips)
masculine noun
1. paper clip (para papel)
2. hairclip (para el pelo)
3. (pop) video (videoclip)
clips (plural) [klis]
1 [de sujeción] (para papeles) paper clip; [de collar, pulsera] fastener; [de pantalón] trouser-clip
2 (Latinoamérica) (pendiente) clip-on earring
3 [de vídeo] videoclip
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