"claim" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. reclamación (f) (for damages, compensation)(for de)
  • wage claim -> reivindicación (f) salarial
  • to make or put in a claim -> hacer or presentar una reclamación
  • to make a claim on the insurance -> dar parte al seguro
  • I have many claims on my time -> estoy muy ocupado
  • he has a claim to the throne of France -> tiene derechos sobre el trono de Francia
  • his only claim to fame -> su único título de gloria
2. afirmación (f) (assertion)
  • she makes no claim to originality -> no pretende ser original
verbo transitivo
3. reclamar (as a right)
  • to claim compensation/damages (from somebody) -> reclamar (a alguien) una compensación/daños y perjuicios
  • to claim responsibility for something -> atribuirse la responsabilidad de algo
4. (assert)
  • to claim that… -> afirmar que…
  • he claims to be an expert -> asegura ser un experto
5. recoger (baggage); reclamar (lost property)
  • the epidemic claimed thousands of lives -> la epidemia segó miles de vidas

claim [kleim]
1. Demandar, pedir en juicio, reclamar, reivindicar, pretender como cosa debida.
  • To claim diplomatic immunity -> alegar inmunidad diplomática
  • The earthquake claimed many lives -> el terremoto se cobró muchas vidas
  • He’s going to claim compensation -> va a exigir que se lo indemnice, va a reclamar una indemnización
  • You can claim your expenses back -> pudes pedir que te reembolsen los gastos
  • 2. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack -> nadie ha reivindicado el atentado (allege, profess)
  • No one can yet claim victory -> nadie puede cantar victoria todavía
  • He claimed (that) he knew nothing about it -> aseguraba o afirmaba no saber nada de ello
  • They claim to have found the cure -> dicen o aseguran haber encontrado la cura
  • I can’t claim to be an intellectual -> no pretendo ser un intelectual
2. Reclamar (attention, interest).
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
3. Presentar una reclamación. (n)
  • To claim for something -> reclamar algo
  • You can claim on the insurance -> puedes reclamar al seguro
va. Reclamar (assert title to/throne, inheritance, land); reivindicar (right). Reclamar (lost property/ demand as being one’s own). Solicitar (apply for/social security, benefits); cobrar (receive).
1. Pretensión, título, derecho, reclamación, reivindicación (to right, title).
  • Claim to something -> derecho a algo
  • That’s her only claim to fame -> eso es lo único por lo que se destaca
  • To lay claim to something -> reivindicar algo
  • Wage/pay reivindicación salarial -> demanda de aumento salarial (demand)
  • Insurance reclamación al seguro. To put in a claim for expenses -> presentar una solicitud de reembolso de gastos
  • She makes enormous claims on my time -> me quita muchísimo tiempo
2. Demanda, la acción o propuesta que se hace a un juez para que ponga al demandante en posesión de lo que otro tiene.

claim [kleɪm]
1 (demand) (for rights, wages) reivindicación (f); demanda (f); (for damages, on insurance) reclamación (f); (for expenses, benefit) solicitud (f); (Jur) demanda (f)
his claim for unemployment benefit/for expenses get your expenses claim in by the end of the month children make huge claims on your attention and energy they have voted for strike action in pursuit of a pay claim air travellers who were held hostage decided to press their claim for damages against British Airways the court upheld her claim for unfair dismissal
pay or wage claim reivindicación (f) salarial
to file a claim (Jur) presentar or interponer una demanda
a British shoe manufacturer filed a claim for pounds 400,000 in the High Court against five he filed an insurance claim for damage to the property
she lost her claim for damages el tribunal rechazó su demanda de daños y perjuicios
to make a claim (on insurance) reclamar
we made a claim on our insurance reclamamos al seguro; have you made a claim since last year? (for benefit) ¿ha solicitado alguna ayuda estatal desde el año pasado?
you need to visit your local social security office to make a claim for benefit they are making substantial claims for improved working conditions to [pay] an insurance claim the company paid the insurance claim for the car accident
there are many claims on my time tengo una agenda muy apretada
to put in a claim (for sth) (for expenses) presentar una solicitud (de algo); (on insurance) reclamar (algo)
at the moment only the husband can claim tax relief, but as next year either the husband or the wife can put in a claim the High Court gave him 14 days to put in a claim for the legacy
2 (right) (to property, title) derecho (m)
he renounced his claim to the throne renunció a su derecho al trono; they will not give up their claim to the territory no renunciarán a su reivindicación del territorio
he had forfeited any claim to inheritance because he had married their maid Susan had nobly renounced her claim to her father's money rival claims to Macedonian territory caused conflict in the Balkans
the town's main claim to fame is its pub este pueblo se destaca más que nada por el bar
the film's only claim to fame was that it featured Rock Hudson's last performance her greatest claim to fame is that she taught MPs how to look good on television
to lay claim to sth reclamar algo
five Asian countries lay claim to the islands Both Ukraine and Russia have laid claim to the important Black Sea fleet The French under Louis XIV of France laid claim to the throne of Spain and its territories
atribuirse algo
he cannot lay claim to much originality no puede atribuirse mucha originalidad; no puede presumir de original
he lays no claim to a monopoly of the truth the only thing I would lay claim to is the ability to inspire others to [stake] a claim China was being carved up by anyone who could stake a claim the player has always had ability, and this is his chance to stake a claim for himself Yeats could stake a claim to a place in the first rank of poets writing in English
3 (assertion) afirmación (f)
he rejected claims that he had had affairs with six women desmintió las afirmaciones de que había tenido seis amantes
new laws to prevent untruthful claims in advertising he repeated his claim that the people of Trinidad and Tobago backed his action
I make no claim to be infallible no pretendo ser infalible
she made a series of sensational claims about her role in capturing the terrorists
1 (demand as due) [+rights] reivindicar; [+lost property] reclamar; [+allowance, benefit] (apply for) solicitar; (receive) cobrar
if you wish to claim expenses you must provide receipts si desea que se le reembolsen los gastos debe presentar los recibos; 25% of people who are entitled to claim State benefits do not do so el 25% de las personas que tienen derecho a cobrar ayuda del Estado no lo hace
Spurs defender Danny Thomas claimed damages against Gavin Maguire and his club QPR over an incident which ended his career employees of theatres and cannot claim expenses against tax to boost the usual low wages the National Union of Teachers claimed a pay rise above the rate of inflation nobody came forward to claim the umbrella now they're returning to claim what was theirs
to claim damages from sb demandar a algn por daños y perjuicios; he claimed damages for negligence on the part of the hospital exigió que el hospital le compensara por haber cometido negligencia; demandó al hospital por negligencia
2 (state title to) [+territory] reivindicar; [+victory] atribuirse; [+prize] llevarse; [+throne] reclamar
neither side can claim victory in this war ninguno de los dos bandos puede atribuirse la victoria en esta guerra; Williams claimed a fourth Wimbledon title Williams se llevó su cuarto título de Wimbledon; claim your prize by ringing the competition hotline llévese el premio llamando a la línea directa del concurso
he can rightly claim the title of King of the Paparazzi he worked hard to claim the prize he claimed the record Boris Yeltsin is claiming victory in the Russian republic's first direct election
he was too modest to claim the credit era demasiado modesto como para atribuirse el mérito
so far no one has claimed responsibility for the bomb hasta ahora nadie ha reivindicado la colocación de de la bomba
an underground group has claimed responsibility for the explosion
3 (assert)
he claims a 70% success rate afirma or alega que resuelve satisfactoriamente un 70% de los casos
he claims a 70 to 80% success rate women at work are claiming sexual discrimination
to claim that afirmar que
they claim the police opened fire without warning afirman que la policía abrió fuego sin previo aviso; I do not claim that everyone can do this no estoy diciendo que todo el mundo pueda hacer esto
he claimed that it was all a conspiracy against him the union could not claim that they spoke for the majority of the employees advertisers like to run ads that claim a product is new and improved to claim [to] ...
he claims to have seen her afirma haberla visto
these products claim to be environmentally safe se afirma que estos productos no dañan el medio ambiente
we don't claim to be the only ones who know the truth
4 (require) [+attention] requerir; exigir
something else claimed her attention otra cosa requirió or exigió su atención
there is already a long list of people claiming her attention
5 (take) [+life] cobrarse
the accident claimed four lives el accidente se cobró cuatro vidas
the war in Bosnia claimed the life of a UN interpreter yesterday he claimed her with a kiss we claim God on our side
(make demand) presentar reclamación
make sure you claim within a month of the accident asegúrese de presentar reclamación antes de un mes desde la fecha del accidente; to claim for sth reclamar (los gastos de) algo; I claimed for damage to the carpet after the flood reclamé los gastos del deterioro de la alfombra tras la inundación
claim form (n) (for benefit) (impreso (m) de) solicitud (f); (for expenses) impreso (m) de reembolso
around 12,500 claim forms have been received so far the hippies said they would defy an order to leave until they received state hand-outs to pay for food and fuel. The officers took claim forms to the camp our system saves you the bother of having to fill in a claim form

Verb Conjugations for "claim" (go to reclamar)


I claim I claimed I will claim
you claim you claimed you will claim
he/she claims he/she claimed he/she will claim
we claim we claimed we will claim
you claim you claimed you will claim
they claim they claimed they will claim
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