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masculine noun
1. (informal)
  • llover a chuzos, caer chuzos de punta to pour down, to bucket down (British)
1 (bastón) spiked stick
2 (aguijón) prick; goad; (Centroamérica) [de alacrán] sting
caer chuzos de punta to rain cats and dogs; pelt down (familiar)
echar chuzos to brag
3 (Mil) (Hist) pike
4 (And) shoe
5 (S. Cone) (zapapico) pickaxe; pickax; (EEUU)
6 (Caribe) (S. Cone) (látigo) whip
7 (Centroamérica) (pico) beak
8 (pene) prick (vulgar)
(Centroamérica) [+pelo] lank
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