chupar faros

Usage note
This idiom may be literally translated as "to suck lighthouses." It originated during the Mexican Revolution, when prisoners who were about to be executed were allowed to smoke a cigarette as a last wish. "Faros" (literally, "Lighthouses") brand cigarettes were especially popular at the time.
chupar faros
intransitive verb phrase
1. (colloquial) (idiom) (to die or stop working) (Mexico) 
a. to bite the dust (colloquial) (idiom) 
Estoy agüitado porque ayer mi lap chupó faros.I'm bummed because my laptop bit the dust yesterday.
Órale, creo que tus tenis ya chuparon faros.Wow, I think your sneakers have bitten the dust.
b. to give up the ghost (colloquial) (idiom) 
Ayer mi carro chupó faros. - ¿A poco sí?My car gave up the ghost yesterday. - Really?
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