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cocky; lovely; pimp


chulo, -a
1. cocky (descarado) (peninsular Spanish)
  • ponerse chulo, -a -> to get cocky
2. cool (informal) (bonito) (peninsular Spanish, Mexican Spanish), top (British), neat (United States)
masculine or feminine noun
3. cocky person (descarado) (peninsular Spanish)
4. = lower-class native of 18th-19th century Madrid
masculine noun
5. pimp (proxeneta)

chulo [choo’-lo, lah]
1. Punster, jester, merry-andrew. (m & f)
2. An artful, sly, and deceitful person. (m & f)
3. A funny person. (m & f)
4. Butcher’s mate or assistant. (m & f)
5. Bullfighter’s assistant. (m & f)
6. (m & f)
8. Smart, attractive (aspecto).
9. Proud, jaunty, swaggering.
  • Con el sombrero a lo chulo -> with his hat at a rakish angle
  • Iba muy chulo -> he walked with a swagger
10. Brilliant, super.
11. Villain, rascal.
  • Chulo de putas -> pimp, pander
A playful term of endearment.

1 (arrogante) cocky (familiar)
vino uno muy chulo y me insultó this guy comes up to me all cocky o bold as brass and insulted me (familiar); una mujer se abanicaba, muy chula ella, en la ventana a woman was fanning herself in the window, bold as brass o as brazen as you like; ponerse chulo: se puso en plan chulo he got all cocky (familiar); no te pongas chulo conmigo don't get cocky with me (familiar)
2 (bonito)
¡qué vestido más chulo! what a lovely dress!; ¡qué chulo me ha quedado el dibujo! my drawing looks great!; chica, estás chulísima (Latinoamérica) you look gorgeous
(Centroamérica) (México) well
jugar chulo to play well
(Hist) typical working-class person from Madrid
1 (also chulo putas) pimp
2 (Col) (buitre) vulture; buzzard; (EEUU)
3 (Taur) bullfighter's assistant

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