masculine noun
1. = cured pork sausage, flavoured with paprika
2. thief (informal) (ladrón) (peninsular Spanish)

chorizo [cho-ree’-tho]
1. Pork sausage. (m)
2. Balancing pole (circo). (m)
3. Prick. (Anatomy) (m)
4. rump steak. (Andes) (m)
5. Mixture of clay and straw used in plastering. (Andes) (m)
6. Thug, lout (matón). (m)
7. Idiot. (Andes) (m)
8. Mulatto. (Caribbean) (m)

1 (Culin) hard pork sausage
2 (en circo) balancing pole
3 (ratero) small-time crook (familiar); (maleante) criminal; (carterista) pickpocket
4 (And) (S. Cone) (Culin)
bife de chorizo rump steak
5 (And) (S. Cone) (Archit) mixture of clay and straw used in plastering
6 (And) (idiota) idiot
7 (Caribe) (mulato) mulatto

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