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1. chocolate (m)
  • a chocolate un bombón (sweet)
  • bar of chocolate tableta (f) de chocolate
  • drinking or hot chocolate chocolate a la taza or caliente
2. de chocolate (made of chocolate)
  • chocolate (colored) marrón oscuro, color chocolate
chocolate [ˈtʃɒklɪt]
chocolate (m); (individual sweet) bombón (m)
hot or drinking chocolate chocolate (m) caliente; a box of chocolates una caja de bombones or chocolatinas
[+biscuit, cake, egg] de chocolate; [+colour] (also chocolate brown) (de color) chocolate
chocolate biscuit (n) galleta (f) de chocolate
chocolate éclair (n) relámpago (m) de chocolate
masculine noun
1. chocolate (para comer);
  • chocolate (a la taza) thick drinking chocolate
  • chocolate blanco white chocolate
  • chocolate con leche milk chocolate
2. hash (informal) (hachís) (peninsular Spanish)
(Latinoamérica) chocolate-coloured; chocolate-colored; (EEUU)
1 (para comer) chocolate; (para beber) drinking chocolate; cocoa
chocolate blanco white chocolate
chocolate con leche milk chocolate
chocolate negro plain chocolate
2 (hachís) hash (familiar); pot (familiar)
darle al chocolate to be hooked on drugs
3 (Latinoamérica) blood
dar a algn agua de su propio chocolate (México) to give sb a taste of his own medicine
sacar el chocolate a algn to make sb's nose bleed; give sb a bloody nose
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