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1. chocolate (m)
  • a chocolate un bombón (sweet)
  • bar of chocolate tableta (f) de chocolate
  • drinking or hot chocolate chocolate a la taza or caliente
2. de chocolate (made of chocolate)
  • chocolate (colored) marrón oscuro, color chocolate
chocolate [ˈtʃɒklɪt]
chocolate (m); (individual sweet) bombón (m)
hot or drinking chocolate chocolate (m) caliente; a box of chocolates una caja de bombones or chocolatinas
[+biscuit, cake, egg] de chocolate; [+colour] (also chocolate brown) (de color) chocolate
chocolate biscuit (n) galleta (f) de chocolate
chocolate éclair (n) relámpago (m) de chocolate
masculine noun
1. (cocoa product)
a. chocolate
Siempre como un trozo de chocolate oscuro después de cenar.I always eat a piece of dark chocolate after dinner.
2. (drug) (Spain)
a. pot
Ese tío siempre tiene chocolate para vender. That one always has pot for sale.
b. hash
La policía los pilló vendiendo chocolate.The police caught them selling hash.
masculine noun
1. chocolate (para comer);
  • chocolate (a la taza) thick drinking chocolate
  • chocolate blanco white chocolate
  • chocolate con leche milk chocolate
2. hash (informal) (hachís) (peninsular Spanish)
(Latinoamérica) chocolate-coloured; chocolate-colored; (EEUU)
1 (para comer) chocolate; (para beber) drinking chocolate; cocoa
chocolate blanco white chocolate
chocolate con leche milk chocolate
chocolate negro plain chocolate
2 (hachís) hash (familiar); pot (familiar)
darle al chocolate to be hooked on drugs
3 (Latinoamérica) blood
dar a algn agua de su propio chocolate (México) to give sb a taste of his own medicine
sacar el chocolate a algn to make sb's nose bleed; give sb a bloody nose
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