chivato, -a
masculine or feminine noun
1. grass (informal) (delator) (peninsular SpanishBr), rat (United States); telltale (acusica)
masculine noun
2. warning light (luz); alarm bell (alarma) (acusica)
3. big cheese (informal) (pez gordo) (Venezuelan Spanish) (acusica)

chivato [che-vah’-to]

1 (soplón) informer
2 (Zoología) kid
3 (Ven) prominent person
4 (Latinoamérica) (niño) child; kid (familiar)
5 (And) (pillo) rascal; villain
6 (And) (aprendiz) apprentice; mate
7 (S. Cone) (aguardiente) cheap liquor; firewater
8 (Automóviles) indicator; indicator light
9 (busca) pager; beeper

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