masculine noun
1. rumor, piece of gossip (cotilleo)
2. thingamajig, thingy (informal) (cosa)

chisme [chees’-may]
1. Gossip, misreport, misrepresentation; any account maliciously false; a tale or story intended to excite discord and quarrels. (m)
  • No me vengas con esos chismes -> don’t bring those tales to me 2. Variety of lumber of little value; thing, whatnot
  • Dame el chisme ese -> give me that whatsit, please
2. (Tec.) Gadget, contrivance, jigger. (m)

1 (cosa) thing
¿y este chisme para qué sirve? and what's this thing for?; tiene la cartera llena de chismes her bag is full of all sorts of things o bits and pieces; un chisme para cortar metal a thing o whatnot (familiar) o thingummyjig (familiar) for cutting metal with
2 (cotilleo)
se sabe todos los chismes he knows all the gossip; me contó un chisme sobre Juan she told me the gossip about Juan
siempre anda con chismes

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